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Are You Hiding Your Credit-Card Debt From Your Significant Other?

Roughly 17 million U.S. credit cardholders snoop on their partner's statements.

Living in These 10 Cities Is Almost Impossible if You Make Minimum Wage

If you're earning minimum wage in one of these 10 cities, this is how much it will cost you to live.

Your Advanced Degree Matters to Your Credit Score

Your creditworthiness is influenced by your college degree.

4 Reasons Why It May Be Much Cheaper to Live as an Expat

Living as an expat can save you a lot of money on basic expenses.

What You Don't Know About a Broker Can Hurt You

Make sure the broker who's pitching your business doesn't have a rap sheet.

Why You're Probably Going to Die in Debt

NerdWallet's annual household debt survey found that the average household owes $132,529, including mortgage debt.

Invest With Your Head, Not Your Heart

Emotions can lead to overspending -- and 29% say they overspend due to stress, 22% say it's because of excitement and 13% say it's retail therapy to cope with sadness.

4 Ways Social Security May Change Under Trump

Cutting waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government's budget is what Trump supporters voted for. So how can Trump reduce federal spending by $10.5 trillion over 10 years?

Lawyer Says He Hasn't Filed One Bankruptcy for a Client Due to Medical Debt Since Obamacare

Consumer bankruptcy law firm owner Daniel Gershburg reminisces about the Obamacare years.

Most and Least Expensive States for College in the U.S.

Costs at both public and private colleges have soared more than 150% since 1975.