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Here Is What Higher Interest Rates Mean for the Real Estate Market

What higher interest rates mean for the the housing market.

Here Are Five of the Most Bizarre Tax Deductions

You can deduct for 'exceptional trees' in Hawaii.

Can Uncle Sam Take Away Your Passport?

Outstanding taxes, interest and penalties must add up to $50,000 or more during the last 10 years to qualify for revocation.

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One unexpected bill can set families back for an entire year, according to a new study.

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4 key principles to keep in mind that help with investment decisions.

Spend Your Tax Refund Carefully

Your refund check can go a long way, if you spend it wisely.

5 Heavily Shorted Stocks That Report Earnings This Week

Here are some short-squeeze trade ideas.

Trump's Buddy Carl Icahn Just Bought More Herbalife and Hertz

Carl Icahn has taken some time out from his chummy relationship with President Trump to do some stock buying.

5 Countries Where U.S. Travelers Can Get the Most Out of Exchange Rates

Grab your passport, it's time to see the world.

Are You Hiding Your Credit-Card Debt From Your Significant Other?

Roughly 17 million U.S. credit cardholders snoop on their partner's statements.