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The 10% Pop in H&R Block Has Nothing to Do With the Fed

Here's how to trade four of the most active names on the market today.

This Is Why One Congressman Voted for the Bill That Would Gut Dodd-Frank

Individuals need more latitude when it comes to financial decision making, according to Virginia Congressman Dave Brat (R).

What Can You Do To Prepare For The Next Recession?

Whether it happens in 1 year, 5 or 10 -- it never hurts to be prepared.

Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran Grades President Donald Trump

"Shark Tank" star Barbara Corcoran weighs in on Trump, real estate and more.

Iam Bank CEO: Mental Health Can Influence Your Financial Decisions

How is your mental health? And did you know it affects your financial decisions?

Will FinTech Eventually Destroy the Big Bank System?

Will FinTech destroy the financial banking system as we know it?

Is the FinTech Bubble Bursting?

FinTech -- financial technology -- seemed to be challenging the industry at one point? Is it still?

T-Mobile Targets Verizon With #GetOutofTheRed Limited Time Offer

Starting May 31, you can keep your phone when you switch to T-Mobile.

The Koch Brothers Restart the Conversation About Tax Reform

The Koch Brothers have waded into the discussion about tax reform, seeking to keep the conversation alive throughout the chaos that is consuming Donald Trump's White House.

Bitcoin Recently Hit an All-Time High, Should You Buy?

Jim Cramer says he never comments on Bitcoin, but he did discuss the cryptocurrency with his Trading Strategies roundtable.