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Jackson Hole Preview: Everything You Need to Know Before Powell's Big Speech

Expectations are high for what's likely to be a news-making speech by the Fed Chair. Here's why it matters to investors.

Market at All-Time Highs but It's Literally Boiling Down to Just One Stock!

Is that a sign of a healthy market?

Jim Cramer: In the Vast Patch of Market Green There Are Plenty of Weeds

It may just be a matter of time before the green chokes on the pestilence and the stock market stars don't even matter.

I Don't Have Confidence in the Fed to Take the Actions Needed

When the banking system is not healthy at its core, neither is the stock market regardless of its current price level.

There's Not a Single Dollar Bull Left!

Make no mistake, we're at the beginning of the demise of the dollar, but we're still years away from a total collapse.

Don't Overreact to Minor Weakness

There has been some shift in the price action recently that requires vigilance, but there hasn't been a major change in market character as yet.

Market Rides Space Mountain, Fed's Heavy Words, Apple $2T, Trading Intel, Nvidia

Sarge chooses Disneyland over Vegas and answers your questions, including who's next to a $2 trillion market cap after Apple.

What the Fed Said and What It Means for Investors

There were three simple investment conclusions from the Fed minutes.

S&P 500 on Trend, Nvidia Ahead of Earnings, Tesla Targets, Trading Veeva Systems

The trend still believes in Congress for whatever reason, and perhaps most importantly, in an effective vaccine and effective Covid treatments versus Covid sooner rather than the later.

It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's ... Yields?

It can seem that more people believe in extraterrestrial life than in higher yields, but something strange appears to be going on. Let's dig in.