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The Fed's Bold Move, Trading Amazon in This Market, Owning Veeva Systems

Imagine not taking action to make commerce as liquid as possible ahead of a pending national crisis, because one was afraid to be perceived as panicked? The Fed was far from cowardly on Tuesday.

The Market Is Jumping on Rate Cut, Coronavirus and Extreme Volatility

Big market moves lead to more big moves as market players constantly try to reposition in response to the unstable action.

U.S. Fundamentals and the Fed Rate Cut

Keep a close eye on bond yields and expect worse before it gets better.

Market's Like a Roller Coaster Ride ... From 2010

I still think we will be at an extreme oversold reading in a few days, and if we come down again, I expect another rally by early next week.

No Easy Fix for This Bumpy Ride in Market

In this environment, cutting rates is no quick solution, especially without a clear picture of coronavirus outbreak in U.S.

Jim Cramer: Rate Cut No Cure for Coronavirus

But don't throw up your arms yet -- here are names that could be golden opportunities.

Fed Cut Begs the Questions: Why a Half Point and Why Now?

Let's break down the move and what it could mean -- and what the Fed just won't be able to help as the coronavirus spreads.

Why Downside Risk Has Increased After the Fed Cut

The psychology of the market will be quite different now as news hits.

How Bad Does the Fed See Things Getting?

This rate cut is only going to add to uncertainty and volatility.

Will the Fed's Rate Cut Embolden Bears?

A lot of bears want to short this bounce but they have feared the central banks.