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I'm Maintaining a Bullish Bias

I continue to focus on stock picking and have plenty of good action.

The Character of the Market Is Shifting - And That's a Positive

New leadership is emerging, stock-picking is robust, and the Fed is likely to offer continued monetary support.

Snowflake's IPO, Fed Day, Trading Adobe, Cut Kraft?: Market Recon

The FOMC, and Powell himself, will have to address the central bank's plan to target average consumer level inflation over time.

Challenging Markets, Nvidia Acquires Arm, Oracle Wins TikTok, Vaccine Update

Also, several scheduled events this week, election risk, earnings to watch.

Jim Cramer: Sorry to Burst Your Bubble, but the Fed Bubble Talk Isn't True

The Fed's money pumping has elevated new tech, but Jay Powell and the government haven't done any favors for many other stocks.

Algos Kick In, Elections Matter, Garage Sale, Wary Eye on Amazon: Market Recon

Plus, federal legislators fiddle while the ranks of the unemployed continue to burn.

We Had a Selloff. But Does the Fed Care?

Here's why your stocks matter little to the Fed, and how the selloff seeped into the credit markets.

Back to the Grind -- in Work and Stocks?

My bet is the grinding is over, and the volatility is here.

The Fed's Inflation Push and What It Means for Your Investments

With unemployment at 10%, the 'water in the pot' is pretty cold.

No Ordinary Month, Fear September?, Put/Call Ratio, TikTok Bidding War, Amazon

How September markets digest August ahead of momentous events will be far more important to uptrend maintenance than how August closed.