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What Goes Up...

Usually comes down -- and here's why I suspect we'll retreat after Tuesday's rally.

An Apple Report Today Keeps Virus Fears at Bay

Optimism about AAPL and news from the Fed, as well as algorithms, seems to have staved off market worries of a pandemic for now.

Market Shrugs Off Virus for Now, Looks to Apple and Fed Instead

Both will have news within the next 26 hours that could determine what happens next.

Proceed With Caution and Be Aware of the Potential for Sudden Moves

Apple will set the tone with its report tonight and then we will look ahead to the Fed tomorrow.

Shaky Markets, Economic Effects of Coronavirus, FOMC Meets, 3 Trading Thoughts

This coronavirus remains a China-centric problem? People are not yet dying in other countries. Do we have to worry here? That's the wrong question.

Take a Conservative Approach to the Coronavirus

Here's my view on how to react to this public health menace -- both psychologically and as an investor.

Coronavirus Is Now a Market Story, Watching the U.S. 10 Year Note, Kobe Bryant

Chinese President Xi Jinping, not a man given to exaggerate, has referred to the spread of this coronavirus in China as 'a grave situation.'

Jim Cramer: This Is a Great Market ... Unless

As we get higher, there are a growing number of alarms that could awake the great bear.

Here's Why I'm Turning Bearish on Stocks and Risky Credit

But I still see one area of stocks that should outperform.

Balance Sheet Concern, Davos Forum, Trading Netflix: Market Recon

I think we know, just based on the behavior of this Federal Reserve, that all things being equal a more normalized balance sheet is preferable.