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What's Happening Now Is a Change in Institutional Investor Mindset

Being scared of a pullback isn't 'expensive' or 'stupid'. It's just good investing.

Don't Be a Dip-Buying Hero Now

There are three key reasons why investors should resist the urge here.

Uncertain Times, Uncertain Markets, the RBG Factor, TikTok Deal: Market Recon

Are equity markets oversold? Sorry to say, but I don't think so. Not yet.

Stock-Specific Ideas for the Post-Fed Era of Investing

Make sure that your portfolio is composed of sane assets for the balance of this crazy year.

The Market Is Ignoring the Fed

I think that Jerome Powell actually believes he is accomplishing something...by doing nothing.

Will Rotational Action Continue or Broader Selling Take Hold?

Dip buyers and stock-pickers may show up but the FATMAAN names are hurting sentiment and may slow the rotational action.

The Fed's Message, Market Reaction, Snowflake's Blizzard, JFrog, TikTok/Oracle

At least part of the market's negative reaction to the Fed on Wednesday may be tied to two factors.

Let's Connect the Dots on Fed Meeting

This is how I'd approach selling, long-dated Treasuries, municipal bonds, investment-grade bonds and more.

Full Plate for the Market: Fed, FATMAAN, JFrog, Snowflake

A little of everything was offered up on Wednesday, but still we lack clarity on where we might be heading.

Those With Inflated Expectations for Fed Talk May Be Let Down

The Fed gives few new clues on how it will handle the average inflation targeting program; here's my read on the meeting.