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The Fed Must Shift Their Focus to Stimulating the Real Economy

Most of the Fed's programs have been aimed at financial markets functioning.

March 2020 Is Gone With the Wind

'The Fed has just put the economy in an induced coma, attaching it on fiscal and monetary life support, hoping that when the time passes it can be brought back to life.'

Quarter Was Wild Ride, With More Uncertainties to Come

My market thesis remains that the recent strength is just a sizable counter-trend rally that will fizzle out -- and keep an eye on jobless numbers this week.

Assessing the Covid-19 Crisis: The Good, the Bad and the Questionable

Let's look at what's driving the market and global economy -- and look back at some lessons learned from our last crisis in 2008.

Q2 Earnings Expectations, 4 Key Economic Questions, Trading Abbott Labs

I do believe that having no economy is temporary. I also believe that what comes out on the other side will be smaller, far less global.

Bonds: We Are in a Brave New World

Given recent actions, the way we view fixed income may be changed forever.

A Look at Our Situation Now: Good, Bad, and Ugly, and 3 New Stock Groups

Consider these stock model ideas: virus groups, work remotely, and fiscal.

Jim Cramer: The Rescue Bill and a Fed Dive-Bombing Policy Ignited All Sectors

I think our scientists, our medical minds, are working on an atomic bomb that can nuke Covid before it invades us.

Now's Not the Time to Buy

Here's what you should consider instead during this fear of missing out time -- and know that stock picking should be back in vogue soon.

Market Quickly Discounting Stimulus While Unemployment Numbers Loom

The bounce the last two days was classic bear market action.