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Kass: Questioning the Fed's Policy, Independence and Mandate

Are they trying to tap the brakes or is this an admission that they cannot tap the brakes and must do more of the same to make sure risk taking accelerates to ludicrous speed?

Making Sense of the Disappointing April Jobs Report (And How I Traded It)

When government data seems strange like this, it is more likely to be an artifact of sampling or some other one-off reason.

Thursday's Close Shave, Troubling New Highs and Lows, Peloton Kicks Into Gear

The market came within whiskers of a technical breakdown on Thursday, yet few people seem to know or care.

Inflation Could Rise, but Don't Bet on It

Why? It's not a good wager -- and there are better places for investors to put their money if the economy booms.

Inflation Is Not Transitory

To get inflation fears, all we really need is a bunch of these subjects to hit the headlines.

Closer to a Change in Monetary Policy

As we look to the calendar and some improvements in the the job market and the pandemic, there seems to be a clock on the extensive monetary stimulus, but that's not what the Fed is saying.

Inflation Signs Are Everywhere

The central bank chooses to be myopic for the time being.

Cashola, Debt Levels, Margin Squeeze, Earnings Expectations, Buffett, Amazon

I am going to tell you that there is no possible way that higher taxes are helpful from the market's perspective.

Kass: Undisciplined Monetary and Fiscal Stimulation Have Become Intoxicating

The question is not if but when things blow up.

Does Jerome Powell Really Believe Inflation Is Transitory?

It probably doesn't matter. He's dead wrong. As always, the numbers don't lie.