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Jim Cramer: What History Tells Us About Bond-Rate Scares Like This

We could have some real pain ahead for some stocks. Five different kinds.

Buy Bond Funds Now

It was all 'fun and games' when the long end of the yield curve was rising, but when the 5-year Treasury yield started to move higher, that caught the Fed's attention.

It's the Fed vs. the U.S. Bond Markets Now!

All eyes will be on the Fed during their March FOMC meeting. It remains to be seen what they do next.

Bond Dog Returns, Market's Boxing Lesson, Possible Fed Next Moves

The equity markets got bopped in the nose Thursday and were sent reeling.

Here's the Real Reason Bulls Should Fear Higher Interest Rates

Low borrowing costs have fueled the boom in stocks, and higher borrowing costs can just as surely kill it.

Night-Time Running and Trading, Tech Beatdown, Yellen on Bitcoin, My Nvidia Plan

Cryptos and cash are both headed for a real fight. For their own existence.

Economic Optimism Triggers Deeper Corrective Action

The reopening of the economy combined with pressure on bitcoin and SPACs is triggering a broad selloff here on Tuesday morning.

There's Just Too Much Money Sloshing Around

This money spigot is very unlikely to be shut off any time soon.

The Suppressed Economy, Impressive Earnings, U.S. Treasury Curve, Pandemic Watch

I want you to think about how quickly the long end of the U.S. Treasury curve is moving.

Yellen Drops $1.1 Trillion Treasury Cash Pile in a Big Jolt for Money Markets

With new liquidity about to pour in, it remains to be seen how will it affect equities, risk assets, and more importantly, money markets.