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Jim Cramer: Want Proof of Economy's Strength? Look to Home Depot

But president should use position now to cut a deal with China on tariffs to avoid hammering consumer confidence.

Gold Stocks Setting Up for Another Run on Fed News

Precious metals will likely see a quick response to the Jackson Hole symposium later this week.

Profit Taking, Rate Cuts and a Play on Zscaler: Market Recon

Evaluating the market and policy discussion ahead of Jackson Hole, and how I am playing Zscaler on this weakness.

Bulls Battle the Recession Argument as Obvious Technical Resistance Looms

Is there enough buying momentum to overcome the resistance and put the indices back in position to test the highs hit in late July?

Jim Cramer: Who's Afraid of That Big, Bad Yield-Curve Inversion?

Do you think the droves of Walmart shoppers, the bustling UPS drivers or the bean counters at Apple give a thought to the technical warning no one really understands? No.

Navigating a Market at a Crossroads

My focus is on being ready to react quickly as conditions shift.

Inverted-Yield Curve Need Not Cause Panic

Recessions are a natural part of a growing economy and sometimes driven by fear as much as anything -- so let's pick apart news of the inverted-yield curve to see what all of last week's hype was about.

Why I'm in No Hurry to Do a Lot of Stock Buying

The market close will be key Monday.

OPEC Won't Let On, but Oil's Price Scares the Cartel

OPEC has no idea how much oil prices can fall, but current prices are not acceptable to the organization.

Watch for ECB Easing, a Curve Cure and an Nvidia Options Tutorial: Market Recon

The strategy with Nvidia entails the sale of a bull call spread coupled with the sale of a bear put spread.