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3 Factors Driving the Markets and How I'd Be Positioned

For the first time in over a year, I think the market and the Fed are more concerned about inflation than they should be.

Spiking Yields, Catastrophic Miss, Welcome to Week 3, Bat Signal? Walmart Crypto

In short, Friday was simply an absolute disaster for the U.S. in macroeconomic terms.

2 Major Themes Are Causing Significant Market Disruption

Now that rotational action between growth and value is picking up steam, the disparity between index and individual stock performance is even greater.

Doug Kass: The Era of Irresponsible Bullishness May Soon Be Over

It's now clear that the first part of January has exhibited a marked change and reversal in pattern.

Tech Beatdown, Technical Tightrope, Treasury Spreads, Fed Out in Force

Plus, many economists don't seem to understand the term "full employment" and earnings season kicks off.

The Fed Is Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The Fed is always backward looking, and that's why the market is unsure of where to go for now.

Inflation's Kick, Market Reacts, Treasuries, Apple on Deck?, Trading Wells Fargo

I do think that the Fed is on the case. I do not think that the Fed is as late as so many seem to.

As More Economic News Hits, the Market Is Struggling to Hold Up

Thursday there will be another reading on inflation when the PPI report is released as well as weekly unemployment numbers.

What Is the Price of Panic for the Fed?

The Fed has to take some action: No matter how you slice it, 7% CPI is an unacceptable inflation rate. Here's my take on inflation and what's ahead.

Will the December CPI Report Trigger More Rotational Action?

The latest look at inflation is expected to produce the biggest increase in nearly 40 years, but the big question is to what extent it already is discounted by the market.