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In This Market the Good News Is Never Fully Discounted

Trying to fight the positive trend has been a disaster for the naysayers.

Bull Market, Treasury Notes and Green Investing: Market Recon

BlackRock's doin' it, Microsoft's doin' it, so all traders should think about ESG-based investing.

Morgan Stanley Really Is That Good

It quickly becomes apparent that across the board, this firm is executing at a high level.

Kass: 5 Big Surprises That Could Impact Markets in 2020

Surprises in the political arena and in corporate profitability are my most important deviations from the consensus.

Phase 1 Trade Deal Done, Now What's Left to Tweet About?

The trade deal is done, with many loopholes, and Phase 2 won't proceed until after the election, so all eyes are now on the Fed FOMC meeting at the end of January.

With China Trade Pact Signed, Here Are Two Issues to Watch

Liquidity and earnings will play a big role in how the indexes move in the days and weeks to come.

Will Earnings Season Cool an Overheated Market?

Earnings reports could provide a "sell the news" excuse for a pullback, but a powerful wave of Fed-created liquidity is crushing skeptics for now.

Market Melt-Up Appears the Mantra for Now

There are multiple reasons to be wary of the market at these levels, and to be concerned about potential of rising inflation.

Banks Lead Off Q4 Earnings, Safeguarding the Yield Curve, Jobs Data

You are hearing talk of an 'earnings recession'. Just talk, my friends. Our marketplace has already been mired in an earnings recession for quite some time.

Hot Markets, Jobs, Fed Talk, Trading Essent Group: Market Recon

Several Fed officials spoke on Thursday. The most important comments for folks to focus upon were made by Fed Vice Chair Richard Clarida. By far.