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PepsiCo Pops Post-Earnings in a Sharp Contrast to Rival Coke

A small dividend hike is helping to give PepsiCo shares a boost after its mixed earnings report.

Inflation and the Fed, and Europe May Be in a Recession Now

Price action and fundamental conditions show the limits on how high rates can rise.

Jim Cramer: The Change in the Market's Mood Minute to Minute Is Insane

I think that we have to revert to fundamental tenets that can get us through this.

Why Market Manipulation by the Fed Is a Bad Idea; A Look at Twilio: Market Recon

A shift in the way the central bank manages its balance sheet is dangerous.

Jim Cramer: It Is Time to Burst The 'Fed Bubble' Thesis

This alleged boom has been fueled by tax cuts, not the Fed.

Trading Range Action Likely as the Bulls Finally Relent

The big question for us to consider now is whether this reversal action is going to lead to another big trend.

The Bears Are Starting to Press, but Optimism About China Will Hold Them Back

Also restraining the ursine crowd is the new-found dovishness of the Fed when it comes to rate hikes.

The Data Tells Us a Major Slowdown Is Not Imminent

How do we invest for a probable slowdown but perhaps a mild one?

'Do It Yourself' Stock Picking, GOOGL Opportunity, Disney Reports: Market Recon

The selloff in Alphabet presents opportunity, and I think this cash machine is ripe for a small long position.

Jim Cramer: What Will Get the Banks Going?

They are still so much lower than they were before Jay Powell went wayward.