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Jim Cramer: Want a Snapshot of the Economy? Look at the Rails

When you see that money pouring out of the market it is going to be looking for a home. The home will most likely want some economic sensitivity.

Fed's Evans Knows Nothing, China Q1 GDP, Trading Netflix: Market Recon

When Netflix reports earnings tonight, what will likely matter above all else for now will be subscriber growth.

Jim Cramer: This Is Why the Fed Should Not Tighten

The U.S. economy is doing okay, but not great, and you can see that in a number of sectors.

The Week Ahead: Retail Sales, Beige Book and 16 Key Earnings Results to Watch

It is going to be fast, it is going to be furious during a shortened week of trading.

Goldilocks Conditions Spur Another Upside Market Breakout

A combination of good economic news and friendly central banks creates a positive environment and leaves bears frustrated.

Charts of the Day: Anticipating Congressional Questions for Wall Street

A cheat sheet of expected questions for investors and political theater enthusiasts.

Will There Ever Be a Stock Market Pullback?

Momentum works in both directions.

The Battle Between Momentum and Being Overbought

After 7 straight positive days for the S&P 500, there are plenty of market players worried about missing out that would like to enter on a dip.

There Is Generally Good Action on My Screens Today

The price action is quite good.

March Jobs Report: How to Interpret and Trade the Latest Numbers

From the Fed's perspective, wage growth doesn't matter anymore.