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Here's Why It's Not Yet Time to Buy Retail Stocks

Something tells me there will plenty of 'Black Friday' bargains to be had this year.

Man on a Mission, No Easy Recessions, Real Rotation, Retail Capitulation?

Plus, all US big banks pass the latest Fed stress test despite tougher standards, and a quick look at Dollar General.

Kass: Pangloss I'm Not, But Here's Why I'm More Bullish Than Many

I'm mindful of the challenges of executing a soft economic landing, but the potential for the positive optionality of expected outcomes is expanding.

We're Still Dancing Around to Macro Matters From the Fed

We'll see how well things hold up today when Chairman Powell wraps up his testimony.

In a Market That Lacks Clarity, Patience Is the Best Bet

The biggest problem is that it is impossible to accurately discount what the future may hold because it is so uncertain.

Baltic Powder Keg? Telltale Treasuries, Cringy Congress, Lost in Fed Translation

Despite Wednesday's hit, XLE remains the only sector SPDR ETF still up year to date (+34.8%).

Powell Stirs Up a Rally and Then the Mixture Fizzles Out

The Fed chief can spur a bounce while he is speaking, but after he finishes, the selling eventually begins.

The Single Best Market Timing Advice

It's really very simple.

Powell Testimony Could Make or Break Markets This Week. Here's My Take

Whether talk of inflation or recession dominate could signal a lot to investors as the Fed talks to Congress Wednesday and Thursday ahead of the bank 'stress test' report.