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China Trade Intrigue, Algos React to Old Mo, and Spread News: Market Recon

Shakespeare seemingly could have written the script regarding the U.S.-China trade drama.

A Perfect 'Sell the News' Setup But It Shouldn't Last For Long

This is a market that is tired of the China trade issue and is looking to move on.

Bill Dudley's Take on the National Debt Is Disturbing

The former president of the New York Fed acknowledges that the nation's debt is a big issue but says he doesn't know when it may come to a head.

Kass: My Top 10 List of Market Concerns

The unlikely resolution of our trade differences with China is only one of the many challenges facing investors.

Developing a Trading Strategy for the Fourth Quarter

The indices are vulnerable so it will be more important than usual to focus on the underlying action.

A Very Dysfunctional Fed

These people have no idea what is happening with the U.S. economy. It is that simple.

Jim Cramer: Rate Cut Talk Is About Stemming the Tides of a Recession

Hate Trump or like Trump, the economy does respond to a lower Fed funds rate.

All Signs Point to Falling Rates as Downturn Looms

Here's my take on the Federal Reserve's expanded balance sheet, the Labor Department's jobs survey, and Fed's September meeting minutes.

China Cold War Concerns, Feckless Fed and Considering Kohl's: Market Recon

Plus, pining for the days of thoughtful price discovery in the markets.

Hope Is Fading on China Deal, Possibly on Fed's Abilities, Too

Market players feel a trade deal with China is increasingly unlikely, and they appeared largely unmoved by Fed comments on Tuesday about buying Treasury bonds.