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Jim Cramer: Happy Days Aren't Quite Here Again

Nothing seems to matter anymore except which stock to buy, a staggering conclusion with 11% unemployment and a raging epidemic.

Dazed and Confused, Jobs Report, More 'Helicopters' on the Way, Trading Boeing

Equity markets had a tougher day on Wednesday than immediately meets the eye. And did you catch what Trump said?

Is the Fed Going Out of (Yield Curve) Control?

The Federal Reserve posted its June meeting minutes and a report on individual corporate bonds bought so far. Here's my take on both.

Q2 Success, Half-Way Back Economy, Face Masks and GDP: Market Recon

I have often written or spoken of the 'half-way back' economy, symbolized by a 'reversed' square root symbol.

Is It All Downhill From Here?

It's going to be a bumpy ride but don't be too fast to anticipate a collapse.

What to Watch as the Quarter Ends, Undersized Fed Weapon? Reclosings Accelerate

As the month and quarter end, there's a key level on the S&P 500 to keep an eye on -- in addition to mandates from pension and mutual funds to move capital out of equities into debt securities..

What Do You Call a Bear in the Middle of the Road?

That's me, right now, and here's how I'm positioning myself amid a host of uncertainties.

The Fed's Resolve Is Being Tested

Let's see how soon they come back in to support the market should the S&P 500 lose its key 200 day moving average support of 3020.

The Bear Case Has Never Been More Obvious

When something is very obvious to the market it doesn't work simply or easily.

Economy Stalling? Virus Spreads, Jobs Week, Watching Tesla: Market Recon

I will tell you this. Nobody I talk to is talking much about Q2 earnings. In fact, Q3 is not even the topic of conversation.