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We Hear Whispers of a Supercycle, but Is the Reflation Trade Capitulating?

It is too early to completely disregard the idea of an imminent commodity supercycle, but I don't see a repeat of the previous commodity boom. Here's why.

Jim Cramer: Thank Casper, the Unfriendly IPO, for Keeping the Market in Check

The mattress maker's dismal IPO should discourage other money-losing unicorns from going public and should promote a more disciplined environment.

Huawei and Nissan Arrests Hitting Asian Confidence Hard

Asian markets have been spooked by the fall of these mighty executives.

Jim Cramer: Why the Fed Is Wrong and the People in Power Are Ill-Advised

If you wanted to do more to make things right with this economy than whatever the Fed is about to do, then we need more people in the workforce.

This Market Is Heading Into a Potentially Explosive Formation: Market Recon

Not only are European and Asian equity markets trading in the hole, but so are domestic equity index futures.

Investing Is Tough in a World Where Trump Presides

This is becoming a game for adrenalin junkies, as trade wars and negative headlines are increasingly the nemesis of the market.

Jim Cramer: This Selloff Is Driven By Naked Fear

But it also creates opportunities. Here is how to play it.

Jim Cramer: These Are the Stocks to Buy on Canada Deal and the 4th Quarter

Straying from these names could land you in quicksand as the 4th quarter begins.

The Biggest Sector Rebalancing Ever Will Dominate Market Action Today

Volume will be huge -- and the movement in many stocks will seem quite random.

Equifax: One Year Later

Buying cheaply, when others are unexcited about a stock, almost always leads to nice gains.