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Iconic Hostess Brands Could Be Serving Up Some Tasty Returns

Aggressive traders with a sweet tooth could go long TWNK.

Take-Two Interactive Could Break Out to New Highs

Buyers of the video game maker's stock have been more aggressive of late.

Taking Another Look at Canopy Growth

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Akamai Technologies Could Rally Further -- But I Am Waiting

Here's the level when the shares become compelling to me,

The Rally in Thermo Fisher Scientific Is Not Over

TMO has one of the most stable-looking uptrends around.

Waste Management Charts Are at a Crossroads of Sorts

The technical signs indicate the waste and recycling giant's shares could trade sideways for a while or perhaps even decline, so be cautious here.

Clorox Could Rally Again but Change Your Stops

How has the stock been doing lately?

Five9 Could Climb Still Higher on the Charts

Growth is being driven by the digital transformation and the cloud transformation that have been turbocharged by the pandemic.

Brunswick: Smooth Sailing or Out of the Boat?

Let's check out the charts of BC stock.

One Word Tells You What to Do With Tellurian: Avoid

The charts of the liquefied natural gas company are about as bearish as can be.