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Snowflake Stock Could Double in 2021

Here's our analysis and trading strategy on the newly minted analytic data warehouse.

XPO Logistics Could Continue to Rally

Let's review the charts and indicators.

PVH Charts Still Could Use a Bit More Pizzazz

The shares of the apparel maker have made nice gains in recent weeks but remain short of our price targets.

Salesforce.com Could Correct Before Resuming Its Bull Run

Even before the planned acquisition of Slack Technologies the stock of the enterprise software giant had been trading indifferently.

Shares of Carvana Are Ready to Trade Higher

Let's kick the tires as we review the charts and indicators.

Is Dell Technologies on the Edge of a Major Breakout?

Let's check the price action on DELL.

S&P Global Looks Poised to Resume Its Long-Term Advance

The financial information giant that plans to acquire IHS Markit has been trading sideways for months but seems set up to head higher.

Nikola's Charts Are Not Looking as Good as its Confident CEO

Here's my strategy now.

HP Shares Can Sustain Gains Ahead

The charts of the maker of printers and computers suggest there has been fresh buying of its stock of late.

AMN Healthcare Services Could Pullback Before Longer-Term Gains

Let's review the charts and indicators.