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Ruby Tuesday: Who Can Hang an Activist on You?

The struggling casual dining chain is just begging for activist involvement.

Jim Cramer: Wait for Hearing to Buy Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is a cheap stock, but investors should wait until next Tuesday's Senate hearing before making a move in it, says Jim Cramer.

Bloated Cisco's Layoff Plans, and What It Means for Earnings Today

Management should be held accountable, and not just praised for lowering costs.

Jim Cramer: Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer Failed on Leadership

Jim Cramer says Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer failed at leadership because she didn't inspire her employees.

SEC Calls Out CEOs; Tries to Rein in Greed on Wall Street

Companies now will have to disclose to investors how the compensation of their CEOs compares to the median pay of their workers.

Cherie Blair: U.S. Presidential Campaign Not Just About Women Running, But Winning

Cherie Blair, Founder of Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, says women running for President of the United States are only part of the success of breaking through the glass ceiling.

Microsoft CEO Apologizes for Saying Women Don't Need To Ask for Raise

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is apologizing for saying that women don't need to ask for a raise and should just trust the system to pay them well.

Staples Shareholders Balk at Executives’ Bonus Proposal

Staples shareholders have rejected a proposal to reward the company's top executives with six-digit cash bonuses even as the office supplies chain underperforms.

Which Wall Street CEO Got A 50% Raise Last Year?

Goldman Sachs reported its CEO Lloyd Blankfein's 2013 pay jumped 50% to $23 million in total compensation, up from $21 million in 2012.

America's 10 Highest-Paid Female Executives at Public Companies

As the fight for equality rages on, some women have managed not only to break through the glass ceiling but to shatter it now with a pointed heel.