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Executive compensation

Jim Cramer on the Continuation of the Wells Fargo Scandal

Wells Fargo clawed back $28 million from former CEO John Stumpf.

Equal Pay Day By The Numbers

We asked passerby on Wall Street to guess at some of the numbers surrounding the gender wage gap.

Of Course Kate Spade and Others Will Be Sold

Life as wholesale brands know it is on the verge of being blown to pieces.

The Markets Are Rigged; What Else Is New?

Manipulation will always exist in capital markets, regardless of the product.

Pick Up Some PICO as a Value Bet

A couple events happened last week that may signal a new day at the holding company.

Closing Bell: Deutsche Bank Tumbles to All-Time Low; U.S. Stocks Slide

U.S. stock losses escalate after midday, sending benchmark indexes into the red.

Morning Movers: WFC, RBS, NKE, TSLA

The Wells Fargo board is calling for clawbacks while Nike's quarter disappoints investors despite beating estimates.

Wells Fargo May Reduce CEO Compensation

Clawbacks could be coming for Wells Fargo executives.

Time to Meditate on Lululemon, as Innovation Will Determine Its Future

The athleisure trend is turning into a lifestyle, one that the lululemon CEO looks to capitalize on.

Stumpf Makes This Easy: I'm Done With Wells Fargo

The CEO answered more like a man trying to protect his job than one trying to protect his shareholders.