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Women's History Month Podcast: Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up

Our first podcast for Women's History Month was a blast! Our expert panel talked about the state of women on Wall Street. Listen here for a piece of the expert advice that was given to keep us all moving forward.

Black History Month on Wall Street

This Black History month, we are taking a look at the African Americans who have made it to the C-Suite and are making a difference. And sadly, there are not many. Watch our video to learn the names you should know now.

So What Wine Pairs With the SOTU?

President Trump will deliver his first State of the Union address at 9 p.m. EST tonight -- and since we had wine experts Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen, a.k.a. the World Wine Guys, in our newsroom anyway, we had to ask them what they were drinking tonight.

Crypto Mining 101, What it Is And How it Works (Watch Video)

The World Economic Forum is getting underway in Davos, Switzerland and cryptocurrency, bitcoin and blockchain are in the spotlight. Still confused by it all? Watch this video primer on cryptocurrency.

EY: No Company Can Afford to Disenfranchise Half the Workforce

EY's Kerrie MacPherson discusses how women have been over-mentored and under-sponsored

T-Mobile's John Legere Is Inarguably One of the More Colorful CEOs on Twitter

Agree with him or not, you've got to respect his Twitter game.

Cramer: Equifax Should Have Slammed The Selling Window Shut

There's no excuse for Equifax executives' failure to halt insider trading after the data breach was first known.

Jim Cramer on GE Chairman Jeff Immelt's Earlier Than Expected Retirement

Jim Cramer weighs in on GE Chairman Jeff Immelt's decision to retire before year's end.

Jim Cramer: There are Lots of Sells and Few Buys on Paychex

Jim Cramer says that the analyst community does not like the Paychex story.

I'm No Barista, Says Deloitte Managing Principal

Deloitte Principal Deepa Purushothaman tells us about how she has been mistaken for the person who serves coffee, as opposed to the partner on the job.