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Chart of the Day: Winners and Losers Amid Apple's Slide

Apple has fallen back to Earth in recent months and made an impact on a number of companies in doing so.

Qualcomm Adds to Apple's Anguish on Thursday

Apple's former chip provider quietly moved to enforce the suspension of new sales of old iPhone models and the recall of the same models in Germany.

Jim Cramer: The Market Is Not Phony, It's Just Too Darn Pat

Weaker data means the Chinese may have to concede that they have been not playing fair with anyone.

Deutsche Bank Is Too Big to Fail

DB isn't likely to become the next Lehman Brothers. It's more likely to become the next Citigroup.

Watch Dollar Valuations as the ECB's Mario Draghi Talks QE: Market Recon

As Draghi pulls the rug out from under continued expansion of money supply, he will have to sound very dovish in doing so.

Real Money Video Wrap: Volatility Reigns

The market is ripe for stock picking and Real Money is here to help you off of the sidelines.

Micron, Other Chipmakers Slip as Huawei CFO Arrest Exacerbates Trade Anxiety

The trade war just heated up and semiconductor stocks such as Micron are melting.

Volkswagen's Rare Diamond Pattern Makes Calling Its Direction Interesting

Diamond patterns can signal reversals, but they also can be continuation patterns; we consider which way the German automaker will go.

BP's Capital Efficiency Makes It an Attractive Stock

The company's ability to provide a strong dividend and hefty buyback schedule creates an attractive thesis moving forward.

BP Gains as Macro Factors Fuel Oil Rally

Production cut agreements stemming from the G-20 summit are among the factors helping to buoy oil prices.