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Next Up: How Do You Contain the Dollar Virus?

A U.S. dollar that is rising in value against most other currencies is creating a huge problem for a world inundated with dollar-priced debt.

Let These Dividend Stocks Fatten Your Portfolio

Swiss chocolate-maker Lindt & Spruengli and these American candy kings offer something sweet for investors.

Navigating These Times, Putting Cash to Work, Oil Price War, Trump Stimulus Plan

Markets appear stable. Do we trust it? Can we trust it? Of course not.

Jim Cramer: These 4 Moves Could Help Us All Right Now

We need to restore confidence by preparing for the worst and recognizing the seriousness of Covid-19.

Time for Some Risk Assessment

While it might be tempting to buy any dip, the coronavirus' quick spread, recent downgrades, softness in services and other factors should give pause.

Unpacking Jobs Numbers, Fed Intentions, Coronavirus

Those employment numbers don't look so rosy after all -- and here's why Europe will feel the virus' effect before we do, and what's up with the Fed.

The Coronavirus Impact on Markets, Trump at Davos, Hot Housing, Trading Zscaler

The market impact of the virus for U.S. investors has been seen in more pronounced fashion in Treasury markets.

Here's Why I'm Turning Bearish on Stocks and Risky Credit

But I still see one area of stocks that should outperform.

Is Tesla Headed for a Minsky Moment?

What happens if there is even one piece of negative information to interrupt Musk's -- literal -- victory dance?

3 Sectors to Watch, First Quarter Volatility, 10 Dow Dogs: Market Recon

Also: People's Bank of China, the Fed, U.S./China trade deal, Brexit, USMCA.