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3 High-Yield International Oil & Gas Majors

The top global energy names are returning more cash to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases.

As G7 Blasts China's 'Coercion,' Micron Falls as First Victim

The Hiroshima summit issued a surprisingly strident criticism of China's trade tactics and 'economic coercion,' at virtually the same time that China declared that Micron had failed a cybersecurity review.

3 Intriguing International Stocks With High Dividend Yields

There is considerable value to be found among international stocks right now. These names provide a powerful combination of attractive income alongside long-term growth.

Angry Birds Shareholders Left Red in the Face With Sale to Sonic's Sega

The planned acquisition of Finland's Rovio Entertainment by Sega Sammy Holdings is yet another step in the consolidation of the video game industry.

Britain Joins Pacific Trade Bloc, Ignoring Geography to Ease Brexit Pain

The Pacific trade group is welcoming its first European member in the form of the United Kingdom.

3 International Stocks With Strong Dividends and Long-Term Growth Potential

There is considerable value to be found among international names at the moment.

Singapore Tops Hong Kong as Asia's Leading Financial Center, NYC Leads World

An art piece with a political message has been censored in Hong Kong, one of the signs that it has lost its crown as 'Asia's world city.'

Bank Stocks Take Asian Markets Down After UBS-Credit Suisse Deal

HSBC and Standard Chartered see big losses in Hong Kong, but it's business as usual, including for a Credit Suisse conference in the city.

Credit Suisse: No Support and a Long-Term Downtrend

The message from the chart is clear.

Europe Dodges a Natural Gas Bullet but May Not Be So Lucky Next Time

With China back up and running and snapping up a lot of gas, the Continent could find itself in a bind down the road.