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Don't Hitch a Ride on Volkswagen Even If the UAW Walks Out on the Detroit 3

The carmaker's charts are bearish and its shares are in need of a bottoming process.

Debt Piles Up, Fed Hawks, Crude Oil Cutback, Germany's Economy, Markets

A survey of bankers forecasts that a total of $120B in new debt will hit this market for the month of September.

Arm IPO Will Provide Dry Powder for New SoftBank Spree

After retreating to play defense, Masayoshi Son now feels this is the time to return to offense.

Italian Bank Job, Moody's Sings the Bank Blues, Weak Rally, 4 Stock Buys

Monday's session may have counted as far as the trades made, but did not go very far in terms of confirming much at all.

Aside From the Intrigue in Russia, It's All About the Economy

From China to Europe to even the U.S., the latest economic data seem to be tilting to the weaker side.

Bull Market Baloney, Eurozone in Recession, Squeeze Plays, Arming Ukraine

Plus, a report says the Chinese will pay Cuba billions to set up an eavesdropping station on the island.

3 High-Yield International Oil & Gas Majors

The top global energy names are returning more cash to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases.

As G7 Blasts China's 'Coercion,' Micron Falls as First Victim

The Hiroshima summit issued a surprisingly strident criticism of China's trade tactics and 'economic coercion,' at virtually the same time that China declared that Micron had failed a cybersecurity review.

3 Intriguing International Stocks With High Dividend Yields

There is considerable value to be found among international stocks right now. These names provide a powerful combination of attractive income alongside long-term growth.

Angry Birds Shareholders Left Red in the Face With Sale to Sonic's Sega

The planned acquisition of Finland's Rovio Entertainment by Sega Sammy Holdings is yet another step in the consolidation of the video game industry.