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Back to the Dark Ages? No, We're Not Running Out of Natural Gas

We're past the middle of the peak of winter and even assuming this cold weather spell, inventories should close the season very comfortably.

Japanese Leader Opens Parliament With Pledge to Spark Birth Rate

Similar to China's discouraging demographics released last week, Japan faces the big challenge of an ageing population that isn't replacing itself.

Reign of 'King Dollar' to End in 2023

Check out these five currency plays, four of them in Asia, as ways to make the most of the weakening U.S. dollar and greater interest in emerging-market stocks.

Santa Rally Trading, Morose Monday, 5 Steps Toward Progress, Managing Risk

The ability to adapt is the single most important character trait present in those who do well in difficult spots.

Will We Soon See a Dove in Hawk's Clothing?

Let's look at the moves by the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank to see what we can expect and why now might be a time to buy.

Sagging European-Focused ETFs Are Rallying, Though It's Hard to Say Why

The fourth quarter has seen eurozone-related funds go on the upswing, but whether the improvement will last is another matter.

Skating on Thin Ice, Missile Strike, Fed, Trading Volume, Charting the S&P 500

Make no mistake, the S&P 500 is currently strong from a technical perspective. That said, there is traffic ahead.

Technical Conditions Are Positive, But Macro Headwinds Are Strong

There are some major obstacles to a sustained rally at this point.

14 Contrarian Stock and ETF Picks for Global Exposure

Risk-oriented investors should consider stepping into emerging and international positions.

Jittery Investors Make This a Market on the Edge

It won't take much to trigger another spree of selling after Tuesday finds a bottom and traders now get in position for the consumer price index report due out on Thursday.