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Taking a Very Small Position in DraftKings on a Run Into Earnings

I'm willing to hold part of this through earnings but I'll likely shift to a call spread.

Logitech's Charts Technically Remain Bearish, So Be Cautious

The signs suggest it still is best to avoid the long side of the maker of computer peripheral equipment.

I Own Genius Sports for All the Quarters to Come

I expect every company will want some kind of deal with GENI at some point over the next year or two.

Lethargic Indices Mask a Spark in Smaller Gaming Stocks

A number of gambling stocks are up on word that DraftKings plans to buy Golden Nugget Online Gaming.

I'm Ready to Take a GMBL

Deals by Penn National Gaming and Genius Sports are giving the gambling industry a boost, and here's what I see in the cards.

All Bullish Bets on DraftKings Are Off for Now

The odds favor a move to lower lows in the weeks ahead.

How Does Activision Blizzard Look Before Earnings?

Let's check on the stock again.

Shark Bites: A Sports Gambling Microcap Waiting to Be Discovered

Let's review Elys Game Technology and why I'm betting it has great potential.

Logitech Gaps Lower Despite an Earnings Beat

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Keeping an Eye on Genius Sports

Data plus betting, what could be better? I'd keep the position small, but I like a flyer here.