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ETFs Can Be 'Bonded' to Green Goals

What if there was a way to manage your exchange-traded fund exposure to a company or government for that matter, so that you only support projects that work directly toward ESG goals? Let's look at two such funds.

Plug Power Is Getting a Charge: Our Latest Price Targets

Let's check and see the charts and indicators on a busy news day.

New Regs Could Make ETF 'Greenwashing' a Little More Transparent

Updates to SEC guidance could make it easier to compare the environmental part of ESG funds.

Hurricane Jamie, Recession Risk, Sandberg and Meta, Trading the Energy Sector

I bought the FB dip last night, but then sold the shares, not willing to stay long overnight in case there was more news.

An ETF for When You're Over ESG

Constrained Capital ESG Orphans ETF bets that ESG trends have put undeserved pressure on fossil fuel, nuclear energy, weapons, alcohol, tobacco, and gaming companies.

It's Easy to Overlook This Basic Rule of Investing

You can make big money via buying low. You just can't prove it until later.

Constellation Energy Could Power 20% Higher From Here

Shares of the clean energy power generator have rallied since going public in January.

Don't Miss the Boat on My Favorite Stock for the Remainder of 2022

It's not a question of IF boaters make the switch from internal combustion to electric, only WHEN.

7 Green Stock Favorites for 'Renewable' Gains

From biofuels and hydrogen fuel cells to wind and solar power, as well as renewable energy infrastructure here's how to invest in this trend.

This Fund Has a Tough Job: Making Sure You're HAPY

Harbor Capital has teamed with research firm and index provider Irrational Capital to value companies based on what they're doing for their employees. Let's see if it makes us smile.