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First It Was 'Sustainable,' Now It Is 'Artificial Intelligence'

For ETF investors, it is important to separate themes and buzzwords from the companies actually positioned to benefit.

Will This Fund Save the World, and Thicken Your Wallet? Time Will Tell

Let's look at the Veridien Climate Action ETF, another 'active non-transparent' exchange-traded fund aimed at taking action on climate change.

Will the New HEAT ETF Help Turn Down the Global Thermostat?

This exchange-traded fund is positioned to give investors exposure to companies taking meaningful steps toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions -- will it work and will it make you money?

Amid SEC Crackdown, iShares 'Transitions' Away From ESG in New Fund

Let's look at the new iShares Breakthrough Environmental Solutions exchange-traded fund to see just how clean it is.

This Stock Is a Bright Spot in the Energy Sector

There are several things that make oil producers attractive on a longer-term basis.

This Energy Fund 'Woke' Up to What's Important

Without pushing a political agenda, the new Horizon Kinetics Energy and Remediation exchange-traded fund appears to have a solid and realistic strategy.

My Bet: Barclays Will Slip Further on Oil Move

Let's look at how the latest attempt to embrace environmental, social, and governance will play out.

ETF Issuer Subversive Grabs My Attention With New SANE Fund and 2 Others

The diverse funds focus on decarbonization efforts, food security and mental health.

A New Option in Real Estate for the Environmentally Conscious ETF Investor

This REIT-focused offering from Blackrock/iShares is just a week old.

Who Wins in the Carbon Trade?

Here's my take on the carbon trade and why I'd stay far away from it.