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The Market Is In an Uptrend but Choppy, Inconsistent

This inconsistent and rotational action is making it tricky for traders.

Are Netflix's Bonds Attractive?

How viable are Netflix's financials when looking at them from a fixed income perspective?

Jim Cramer: FANG Goes Down, FANG Goes Up

People are using any break in FANG to get some, well, FANG.

We Have Some Good Old-Fashioned Dip Buying Off the Weak Open

One group that is looking much better today is biotechnology.

Jim Cramer: Money on the Sidelines

In the meantime the shrug off of Netflix's miss is out in full force.

Before You Binged: A History of Netflix

Need something new to binge. Check out this video to see how Netflix became the original content producing powerhouse that it is today.

Highs (and Lows) of FANG Trading: Market Recon

My Netflix short was a big winner yesterday, but I am also long Amazon and Google, which were hit with pretty strong collateral damage.

Bank Leadership Is Covering Up Some Ugly Market Issues

This quarter Netflix is not going to be the star of earnings season.

Jim Cramer: Why Netflix's Bungles Are Bringing Down the FANGs

ETFs are pulling down the FANG stocks after NFLX messes up new-sub predictions.

How Will Rising Competition Impact Netflix?

Quarterly earnings beat guidance and user growth was strong.