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Walt Disney Presents 'A Tale of 3 Charts,' but Which One Will Win?

In the short run the entertainment giant could correct to the downside, but longer term it could stage a big move higher.

Comcast Charts Still Send Positive Long-Term Signal After Winning Sky Bid

The media giant's dip on its successful bid to buy a big chunk of Britain's Sky television isn't likely to trigger a protracted decline in its stock.

It's Fun to Bash FANG, Until It's Not So Much Fun Anymore

Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google (now Alphabet) have disappointed at times, but betting against their long-term success has proven unwise.

Don't Give a Nickel for Tencent Holdings Right Now

The online giant is in a downtrend with no bottoming action to speak of, so avoid the long side.

AMC Could Be the Riskiest Stock Around: Market Recon

Be careful with AMC, cheap stocks are not always inexpensive.

Let's Size Up Opportunity in a Smattering of Underperformers, Shall We?

From beaten-down currencies to U.S. Treasurys, it's always valuable to assess the prospects of various asset classes.

Don't Succumb to Irrational FOMO

Many traders fear missing out on stocks of money-losing companies that climb anyway; don't be one of them.

Tencent's Shares Are Radioactive - For Now

For those who say that Tencent's growth is costing too much I have one word: Bezos!

One, Two, Three: World Wrestling Entertainment Could Be Counted Out

The charts look very extended to me.

Here's What the Collapsing Turkish Lira Means For the US: Market Recon

This has put downward pressure on Turkish sovereign debt.