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This Is Not Your Father's Alternative Investment

Don't let the blandness of the term 'Regulation A' fool you -- this exemption allowing private companies to offer securities to the public can make for a great, high risk play.

Here's How to Cash in on Those Pesky Political Ads

Nexstar Media Group is America's largest operator of local television stations and during this political season, it's giving new meaning to the term 'left to right' stock.

Covid Changes the Script at Lions Gate Entertainment

Here's how to play LGF.A as it nears a breakout.

Lasso This Texas Company While It's Cheap

Nexstar Media Group offers growth at a bargain valuation.

Now Showing at Walmart: an Opportunity

A crisis can offer unexpected chances, as seen right now with WMT.

Looking for Suspense? Then Check Out How High Netflix Can Go

A reader asked me if NFLX deserves a market cap of $200 billion. Here's my answer.

Sometimes It All Comes Down to the Float

Let's look at how float -- and price psychology and social media -- led to big moves in Urban One this week.

Disney's Expedition Everest Is Wild, But It's Got Nothing on This Market

The roller coaster ride continues; here's what makes it tick.

Disney Earnings Become Finale to Day's Trading Action

Fear of missing out led to a climb higher, but within 45-minutes before the close buying began to fizzle.

Now Playing: AMC

The cinemas are shut, but this theater house company should stick around for a bit -- here's my trade.