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FANG Stocks Will Maintain Momentum

The FANG stocks are leading the market right now in terms of performance.

Charts: Fox Hunt Is Nearing Its Conclusion

A bidding war for Twenty-First Century Fox's assets has driven the stock nearly 40% higher this year.

Intermediate Trade: Disney

The options tactic is the out-of-the-money, bullishly biased vertical call spread expiring in September.

The Breakout on Hasbro Today Is Compelling

The death of Toys R Us may be greatly exaggerated.

China's Market Jitters Make Me Jittery About Chinese Stocks

It's hard to predict movements in stocks in China, a job made even harder amid saber-rattling over tariffs and trade.

Asia Calling: Real Money Contributor Hits the Road

Real Money contributor Jim Collins hits the road in search of the best investment opportunities.

TTWO Charts Are Looking Good

You have what you need as far as a trade setup.

Novice Trade: Disney

The market may be disregarding Netflix's upcoming loss of Disney content.

FAANG Stocks Are Being Nailed

There are likely to be some good opportunities developing as this profit taking accelerates.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell Is In a Tough Spot: Market Recon

The Fed Chair's problems are very different from anything his predecessors faced.