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Covid Changes the Script at Lions Gate Entertainment

Here's how to play LGF.A as it nears a breakout.

Lasso This Texas Company While It's Cheap

Nexstar Media Group offers growth at a bargain valuation.

Now Showing at Walmart: an Opportunity

A crisis can offer unexpected chances, as seen right now with WMT.

Looking for Suspense? Then Check Out How High Netflix Can Go

A reader asked me if NFLX deserves a market cap of $200 billion. Here's my answer.

Sometimes It All Comes Down to the Float

Let's look at how float -- and price psychology and social media -- led to big moves in Urban One this week.

Disney's Expedition Everest Is Wild, But It's Got Nothing on This Market

The roller coaster ride continues; here's what makes it tick.

Disney Earnings Become Finale to Day's Trading Action

Fear of missing out led to a climb higher, but within 45-minutes before the close buying began to fizzle.

Now Playing: AMC

The cinemas are shut, but this theater house company should stick around for a bit -- here's my trade.

Disney Got Zapped, but the Mouse Will Surely Pop Up Again

Here's how to play Disney after it fell to 5-year lows this week and remains under threat from the Covid-19 outbreak.

As Everyone Stays Home, There Are Excellent Opportunities

There is a real chance to make some money out there if you have the cash -- and Disney is a perfect example of that.