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With Jobs Report on Tap for Friday, Traders Lose Appetite for Risk

Employment data in the morning will influence bonds, interest rates, and expectations for what the Fed will do next, and all that could sway stocks.

After Hope Over China's Covid Policy Fades, Investors Fret Over Fed

Jobs data and manufacturing numbers fuel idea of higher rates.

Is This the Dip We've Been Waiting For?

Inflation is boiling and the expectations for hikes will skyrocket. But here are my real worries as I try not to talk myself out of buying at these prices.

The Market May Not Care Yet, but This Hiring Pace Is Not Normal

Sure, the jobs number lined up with expectations and the market didn't really budge on the big number. But let's take a close look at these figures and see why it's getting a little too hot in here.

The Fed's Got a Big Jobs Problem

Friday's jobs report is good news for workers, but it's not so good news for the Fed. Here's why.

Russia Raises Risk, but Not For U.S. Job Growth

Here's why job growth is still relevant -- despite the attack on Ukraine -- and what it could mean for rate hikes and wages.

To Know How the Fed Will Act, We Must Interpret Its Words

Let's check out the Fed's two big goals for action -- higher inflation and maximum employment -- to see what we can realistically expect.

As Fed's Feathers Darken, Powell Drops Clues in June Minutes

Here's my read on why we're seeing the hawkish shift.

Friday's Jobs Report Will Give Clues About Recovery's Direction

I believe we are in a transition period, and here's what to look for in the next few employment reports.

Those Jobs Numbers Aren't as Rosy as They Appear

Beneath the headlines are some mixed results and pushing against the numbers is a trend that should give caution.