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Friday's Jobs Report Will Give Clues About Recovery's Direction

I believe we are in a transition period, and here's what to look for in the next few employment reports.

Those Jobs Numbers Aren't as Rosy as They Appear

Beneath the headlines are some mixed results and pushing against the numbers is a trend that should give caution.

Jobs Report Looks Solid, but Tough Questions Remain

Here's my take on the details of the jobs report -- and what the next few months might bring.

Noisy Data Hide Discouraging Jobs Outlook

ADP's Wednesday report and the end of the lockdown employment rebound leave us with underlying trends that appear ugly.

Think These Jobless Numbers Just Don't Add Up? Unfortunately, They Do

How can the S&P 500 be trading at its December levels, when there are tens of millions more Americans out of work now compared with then?

The Good and the Bad News About Those Jobs Numbers

At the start of the coronavirus crisis, lockdowns were driving layoffs, but now weak demand is leading to job losses -- here's what that means.

Sell in May and Go Away? No Way!

I've been fighting the panic selling trend through the pandemic, and check out these successes.

Jim Cramer: You Can't Win by Fighting the Pattern

I've seen the market play out like this hundreds of times before, but now the 'Day Three' folks on Twitter want to separate you from your cash -- here's why they're wrong.

Jim Cramer: This Market's a Long Horse Race

Let's take stock of who's likely to come out ahead in this winner-take-all marathon.

Georgia on My Mind

The reopening -- a careful and well-planned one -- looks more likely to move America back in the right direction: a 'V'-shaped recovery.