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Rivian Investors: Paying Up on the Hype and the Dream

Risks are likely to get tossed aside when the shares begin trading, yet those risks become more weighty when buying in at a nosebleed valuation..

Overbought but So What, The Beats Go On, Elon Musk's Tesla Share Sale Poll

Tesla's CEO steals some of rival Rivian's IPO thunder by asking the Twitter universe to decide if he should sell 10% of his Tesla shares.

Nasdaq Runs Higher, Semis Run Hot, EV Market Heats Up, Peloton Cools Down

Plus, we continue to wait with bated breath to see where Congress goes with President Biden's two big spending initiatives.

October Rebound, Pricing In the Past, Tesla Hertz So Good, Space, Facebook Q&A

Markets are pricing in some fiscal policy, but it's not what a lot of pundits think.

I'd Be Real Careful About Shorting Any Tesla Shares at This Level

Anything I do in TSLA this month is going to be in the options markets.

Shares of Tesla Are Continuing to Gain Traction

Let's review the charts and indicators.

I Have a Fun Trade Idea for Tesla

Here's what investors want to hear about from the firm.

Jim Cramer: The Showman as CEO Operator? They're Hard to Beat

For starters there's Adam Aron and Elon Musk.

Kass: A Critical View of Tesla's Quarterly Results

TSLA is a company facing a profoundly more competitive business landscape.

Chinese Crackdown, Bitcoin/Amazon, Tesla Earnings, My Big Plan for a Big Night

Why we ever allowed Chinese businesses to raise capital, our capital, on our shores, is beyond me.