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Elon Musk

It Is the Bull's Game to Lose

The market bounce has been strong and persistent enough to provide some comfort that the lows will hold,

Elon Musk Will Make Twitter a Better Product and a Better Stock

Twitter has a major advantage that it has failed to exploit - so far.

With Musk's Stake in Twitter, Investing Becomes Tougher Than Trading the Shares

Could Elon's move signal an eventual full blown takeover bid?

Will Elon Musk's Stock Purchase Jolt Twitter's Charts?

Here's what I'd recommend at this point.

Market Conditions Look Healthy Despite an Obvious Negative Narrative

There's still major headlines risk, but the market seems quite aware of it and has already discounted it to some degree.

Tesla Could Reverse Gears and Head Lower

A call or forecast on TSLA for a turn lower is kind of gutsy.

Don't Miss the Boat on My Favorite Stock for the Remainder of 2022

It's not a question of IF boaters make the switch from internal combustion to electric, only WHEN.

Tesla Looks Toppy as Elon Musk Is Named Person of the Year

Let's take the TSLA charts for a spin and ponder an anecdotal observation.

In Reaching for the Next Tesla, Investors Are Not Thinking Lucidly

Tesla paved the way for a pure-play EV maker such as Lucid to be anointed with a massive valuation by optimistic investors.

The Timing of Elon Musk's Sale of Tesla Shares Raises Questions, at Least for Me

Did the Tesla CEO sell a big chunk of stock for tax purposes, or was there something more behind the move?