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Twitter and Musk, Monday Reversal, Treasuries, Energy's Hammer, Kohl's Cash-Out?

I found two very interesting takeaways from Monday's sharp market reversal.

This Was More Relief Action Than an Energetic Bounce

A slew of earnings reports coming the next few days are going to help determine the course of the market going forward.

Elon Musk Has a Huge Problem to Overcome If He's Going to Buy Twitter

Bubbles make strange bedfellows.

Elon Musk's Bid for Twitter Is a Machiavellian Play

Let's consider how this might play out.

Charting the Twitter-Elon Musk Saga

Years ago I learned how to tell if an M&A offer was serious and had backing.

Relief Rally, Charting the Indexes, Fed Talk, Taiwan Semi, Musk Bids for Twitter

The market roared, but the pros did not tag along in size. They either have to catch up, or they are just not coming.

Space Cowboy Musk: He's a Joker, He's a Smoker, He's a Big Twitter Shareholder

Here's why the Tesla founder's next rocket ship will have blue wings...

Here's Why Twitter Is Not in HOAX 2.0

On the short side, they don't get any more overvalued than TWTR.

Quantitative Tightening Is Being Quickly Discounted by the Market

Warren Buffett taking a position in HP and Elon Musk in Twitter illustrate that there are some good bargains out there.

Don't Put Too Much Stock in Elon Musk's Big Move to Twitter's Board

Is the Tesla front man's investment and involvement really worth this premium?