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Elon Musk Is the Money Man

My feeling is that TSLA can be traded from either side at these levels, but right now I'm trying to sit on my hands.

I'm Sorry, I Can't Just Turn My Brain Off About Tesla

Domination of the EV market is about to end. How quickly price will acknowledge that fact is another question.

Tesla Shares May Power Down a Bit Near Term

The charts of the electric vehicle maker are showing some weakening in the stock, though a major shake-out isn't likely.

Is it Time to Short Tesla?

My plan is to enter into an entry level position on the short side.

Break Up Amazon? What Would That Mean?

I don't expect a break up to be announced anytime soon. If that were to happen, I'll add at least $300 to my target price. No joke.

Jim Cramer: And Why Not Own Disruptive Stocks Run by Brilliant People?

Because they could be the next Netflix or Amazon. To me that's enough.

Now, About That Tweet-Inspired Tesla Selloff…

There's reason to believe last week's selloff was based on a false pretense, and that the episode could be a buying opportunity.

I Believe Tesla's Earnings Will Be the Most Fun to Watch Wednesday Night

The best play post-earnings over time on Tesla has been selling bullish put spreads that expire roughly two weeks into the close TOMORROW, the first day post-earnings.

Jim Cramer: I'm Not in Favor of Business as Usual

There are 5 things that I would like to see happen here.

Tesla Is Highly Challenged, Hence the Capital Raise

TSLA built a plant in China at exactly the worst time in modern Chinese history because of the spreading coronavirus.