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Jim Cramer: Think of Tesla as a Tech Equity, Not an Auto Stock

What does Tesla do? It's an electronic delivery vehicle. Right now others have cars that are electrified but they are not electronic delivery companies like Tesla is. That's right, it is not a car.

The Real World and the Tesla World

As hard as it is to believe, there are other carmakers in the world outside of Tesla.

Is Tesla Headed for a Minsky Moment?

What happens if there is even one piece of negative information to interrupt Musk's -- literal -- victory dance?

Markets, the Fed, and Elon Musk's Delivery Issues

There's not going to be a systemic shock to the U.S. economy over the holidays, but the data train starts again on January 10th.

Jim Cramer: Tesla Is a Phenomenon

The stock opens higher each morning like clockwork and it has no resistance.

Tesla Gets the Red Flag

The electric carmaker's charts have formed a bear flag, a pattern that projects further downside in its stock.

How I Knew to Bet Against Tesla, Netflix and Other Stocks

Hint: I did my homework and acted when I felt I had the advantage over other market players.

Keys to Get Tesla Revving? Navigating Battery and Self-Driving Tech

Electric car maker remains a 'prove it to me' stock as ambitions hit the road of reality.

Tesla and the Great Second-Quarter 'Swindle'

Elon Musk is the Malcolm McLaren of his age.

Tesla CTO Straubel's Sudden Exit Helps Send Shivers Through Its Shares

J.B. Straubel not only has been at the center of the electric carmaker's technology efforts, but his departure raises the specter of whether other big names will bolt.