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QuantumScape Is Correcting After a Parabolic Advance

A high-wave candle pattern on QS identifies a top on the chart.

Little Known Nano One May Hold the Key to EV Battery Technology

To invest in Nano One, you are buying the concept of a better mousetrap.

Here's Why I'm a Buyer of CleanSpark Shares

This should be considered an aggressive play, but I find CLSK's exposure to Bitcoin plus grid-management appealing.

When the Data Doesn't Matter

It seems we've lost all semblance of sanity. Let's look at two companies to see the craziness of the market we're in.

I Sold My Tesla Shares, Will I Buy Them Back?

So, yes, TSLA is an investment that happens, at least right now, to be quite tradeable.

I'd Brake for Tesla ... and Then Rev Up the Buying

Here's why some types of financials will look much more attractive after Tesla races to the S&P 500.

I'm Going to Take a Measured Shot on BlackBerry

With Amazon's AWS shining a light on BB, there should be some long-term uptake in terms of the stock and BlackBerry's product.

NIO Could Correct Lower in the Weeks Ahead

For this EV manufacturer, take profits and avoid the long side.

Switchback Energy Acquisition: What Goes Up Can Go Down

Fast advances can attract 'hot money' and this can give early buyers a chance to sell into strength without getting noticed.

I Doubt Wednesday Is the Day to Be Selling, Buying Puts, or Shorting EVs

What we have seen, in addition to the pullbacks, are management teams taking advantage of the huge moves higher.