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With Some Rough Waters on the Market, Let's Ride a 'Canoo'

Here's a trade in GOEV as it gets hit with a triple whammy.

When Riding a Hot Trend, Beware of Getting Burnt

With cash rushing into groups like electric vehicles, you can get on board at the right time, but must know when to bail.

My Interest Is High in FuelCell Energy: Here's My Trade Idea

The environment for these firms is not only friendlier at the federal level, but far friendlier at the corporate and investment levels.

The QuantumScape Longs Are Finally Losing Conviction

When I see something bearish I point it out as opposed to ignoring it.

Jim Cramer: The Real Market and the Dream Market

What happens when the dream portion of the market collides with the real stock market?

I'd Be Comfortable Starting a New Position in GigCapital3

There are no options to buy here but with the stock under $12.25, I do think we can see a strong push back to recent highs.

Tesla Rebalances the Market's Wheels, but Expect Bumps Ahead

The electric vehicle company gets included into the S&P 500 before the bell on Monday, and here's where I see good buys -- and some volatility.

When Trading, Simplicity Is Key

Here's how using watch lists and heat maps can help you get back to the basics.

Plug Power Jolts Higher; Here Are 2 Ways to Play It

News that is propelling shares of the supplier of hydrogen fuel cell systems upward inspires these trade ideas.

I See a Door Opening to Get Into Fisker

A standard filing has led to an investing opportunity in this electric vehicle name.