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Keep Your Eyes on This Stock as Electric Vehicles Get a $ Power Up

As EVs in the U.S. begin their 'Field of Dreams' moment, I'm watching EVgo -- and a few other names -- to see how the risk vs. reward plays out.

General Motors Downgraded and the Charts Weaken Further

GM looks poised to test and break its August/September lows.

I'm Betting for High Oil Prices

The prices for hydrocarbons are going absolutely nuts this week.

Tesla Continues to Lose Energy but Some Bulls Hang On

If prices bounce I don't expect the bounce to last too long.

Tesla Wows 'Em and Here's a Trade Idea

The world's most valuable automaker reported fourth quarter earnings on Wednesday night. The results speak for themselves.

Shares of Tesla Have Lost Their Positive Charge

Not even TSLA can drive through the potholes in this market. Let's check the charts.

These ETFs Aim for the 'MOON,' but Will They Crash and Burn?

Here's my take on several 'innovation' funds -- and which one might be the best bet.

EVs to Shipping: Top Stock Picks for 2022 in Autos and Transports

Nine investment experts participating in Moneyshow's Top Picks 2022 report discuss electric vehicle names and other ripe areas for finding this year's winners.

Let's Not Forget About Toyota Motor as Autos Remain Strong

Here's our price objective.

Taking Bullish Ford for Another Spin on the Charts

Here's our new price target.