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Shares of NIO Are Slowly Shifting Gears to the Upside

Here's what traders who are long or flat the stock should do now.

Lucid Gets a Flat on $8B Shelf Offering: What the Charts Tell Us

Shares of the EV maker are under pressure.

Here's My Vision for Vision Marine Technologies and QQQ

The technical signals for both the maker of electric motors for boats and the Invesco QQQ Trust are worth tracking.

Export-Oriented Asian Markets Bear Brunt of Selloff

Asian stocks are near two-year lows, faring worse this year than their U.S. and European counterparts, with further ground to give.

After Tesla's Stock Split, Watch These Pivotal Price Levels

A lower share price is supposed to attract more traders, right?

China's Worst Heatwave Hits Production, Even for 'Green' Stocks

The demand for A/C in places like Chengdu and Chongqing is causing the authorities to curb electricity supply to green-energy firms, solar-panel makers and more.

How Charged Up Is FuelCell?

I see some energy here, at least for a trade.

As Rivian Rallies in Runup to Earnings, Do Traders Have a Green Light?

Let's see if this is a signal to sell, buy or proceed with caution.

July Jobs Data, Tesla's Ambitions, Boring Big Board, Nasdaq Shines, Oil Slips

We'll be focused in particular on the underemployment numbers.

Lithium Manufacturer Livent Looks Impressive: Here's How to Trade It

The company has also increased guidance for the full year 2022.