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I Like Ford - Here's When They Caught My Attention

Both Ford Motor and General Motors have been moving in the right direction of late on news events.

Jim Cramer: We Keep Aiming Higher ... and Higher

Welcome to the world of the bull market, 2021-style, as Tesla and others just keep going higher.

Jim Cramer: Rebels With a Cause - Buyers of Tesla and NIO

I don't think I can recall a time when individuals bought stock in part because they are simply rooting for the company.

Let's Take Another Look at Apple

They've done a very good job of transforming how Wall Street values them, and that's also likely why they appear to be dabbling in EVs.

Plug Power Is Surging! Here's When I'll Jump In

There's no quit in PLUG, a leader in building out the 'hydrogen' economy.

Trade Carefully as Plug Power Is Still Extended

PLUG is likely to finish the day with an upside price gap.

Tesla Would Be Approached With Caution by Japanese Technical Analysts

Shares of the electric vehicle maker have been soaring and at this stage are overbought, which should give some buyers pause.

QuantumScape Plunges but Is the Damage Over?

Time for another look at the shares as we start 2021.

A New Year, Bitcoin Surges, Tesla Delivers, Election Ramifications, Dovish FOMC

I see both Tuesday and Wednesday on into the end of the week as potentially very volatile for financial markets.

Kass: My Best Pick for 2021 - Short Tesla

Tesla has been in existence for 17 years and has never been profitable despite having no competition.