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Ford's Massive Electric Vehicle Plans Put Its Stock Definitely in My Future

The automaker intends to make an even-bigger investment in EV production than outlined just a few months back.

Standard Lithium Could Power Its Way to New Heights

However, the lithium play is speculative, so traders would do well to recognize the risk before acting.

Jim Cramer Puts His Foot Down Again on NIO

Let's review the charts and indices.

I'm Not Exactly Backing Up the Truck, but I Do See a Trade in Nikola

Is there a more badgered, er, hated name? I don't think so, which makes NKLA the perfect candidate for a run into the teens.

As We Shift to Electric Vehicles, Investors Must Stay 'Current'

The real economic value will be created by the true innovators. So, look past the dancing robots ...

Lion Electric Co. Is Not Yet Ready to Roar

The charts have improved, however, and here's how to approach the electric vehicle name.

Shares of Tesla Are Continuing to Gain Traction

Let's review the charts and indicators.

I Have a Fun Trade Idea for Tesla

Here's what investors want to hear about from the firm.

Steer Clear of Lion Electric for Now

The charts of LEV are weak, despite bullish fundamentals.

Tesla Has a Tough Road Ahead, but That Road Should Be Short

The charts look challenging in the near term, but here's what's after that.