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I'd Be Comfortable Starting a New Position in GigCapital3

There are no options to buy here but with the stock under $12.25, I do think we can see a strong push back to recent highs.

Tesla Rebalances the Market's Wheels, but Expect Bumps Ahead

The electric vehicle company gets included into the S&P 500 before the bell on Monday, and here's where I see good buys -- and some volatility.

When Trading, Simplicity Is Key

Here's how using watch lists and heat maps can help you get back to the basics.

Plug Power Jolts Higher; Here Are 2 Ways to Play It

News that is propelling shares of the supplier of hydrogen fuel cell systems upward inspires these trade ideas.

I See a Door Opening to Get Into Fisker

A standard filing has led to an investing opportunity in this electric vehicle name.

QuantumScape Is Correcting After a Parabolic Advance

A high-wave candle pattern on QS identifies a top on the chart.

Little Known Nano One May Hold the Key to EV Battery Technology

To invest in Nano One, you are buying the concept of a better mousetrap.

Here's Why I'm a Buyer of CleanSpark Shares

This should be considered an aggressive play, but I find CLSK's exposure to Bitcoin plus grid-management appealing.

When the Data Doesn't Matter

It seems we've lost all semblance of sanity. Let's look at two companies to see the craziness of the market we're in.

I Sold My Tesla Shares, Will I Buy Them Back?

So, yes, TSLA is an investment that happens, at least right now, to be quite tradeable.