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Little Guys Should Provide the Big Opportunities in Equities in 2022

Big Tech has dominated the market action in 2021, but there are reasons to believe the worm could turn next year.

General Motors Can Handle Driving Downhill for a Bit

Here's why this dip in GM doesn't disturb the longer-term trend.

Rivian Automotive's Technical Signs Point to Its Shares Heading Downhill

The electric vehicle maker likely will lose more ground after posting disappointing results Thursday.

Tesla Looks Toppy as Elon Musk Is Named Person of the Year

Let's take the TSLA charts for a spin and ponder an anecdotal observation.

Ford Shares Remain Bullish

Continue to hold longs from previous recommendations.

Invest in These 3 Stocks? Here's What You Need to Know

An updated look at Sarcos Technology and Robotics, Tesla and Equinor.

Freeport-McMoRan Has Just What the 'Doctor' Ordered

The copper that goes into an electric vehicle is almost four times as great as a similar legacy internal combustion engine vehicle.

AutoZone Continues to Rally on Its Earnings Beat

Let's check the charts and indicators.

Looking at 4 EV Stocks and Their Charts: Here's My Take

Last week was rather tough across the board for equities. The Autos were different.