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Lion Electric Co. Is Not Yet Ready to Roar

The charts have improved, however, and here's how to approach the electric vehicle name.

Shares of Tesla Are Continuing to Gain Traction

Let's review the charts and indicators.

I Have a Fun Trade Idea for Tesla

Here's what investors want to hear about from the firm.

Steer Clear of Lion Electric for Now

The charts of LEV are weak, despite bullish fundamentals.

Tesla Has a Tough Road Ahead, but That Road Should Be Short

The charts look challenging in the near term, but here's what's after that.

There's No Reason to Get Charged Up Over EVgo

Avoid for now.

Let's Try to Time 'Arrival' So It's Just Right

This British-American electric vehicle manufacturer looks ready to roll.

Fisker Will Offer Good Opportunities on Pullbacks

I'll be looking to build a position in FSR after very bullish comments from Morgan Stanley.

I'm Wired Up About These 5 Canadian, 'Green' Tech Names

These companies that I featured at a video conference last week are changing the world. They could also change your portfolio.

Patience Required If You Want to Invest in GM Here

Do I like General Motors? I do. I also like Ford. Forced to own one of the two, I still choose Ford.