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As Mood of Gloom Sets in, I'm Shifting Toward This Chinese EV Maker

For the fourth-straight day the Nasdaq 100 is taking it on the chin and stock picking is tough, but this one has my attention.

Tweet This! There's a Trade to Be Made on Tesla

Elon Musk did tell a judge in Delaware last month that he planned to reduce his time at Twitter and find someone else who could run the business.

If You Listened to Those Who Fawned Over Tesla, You're Paying Dearly Now

Paying heed to the wrong stock advisers can be an extremely expensive practice, as Tesla currently demonstrates.

A Bear Is at the Wheel of Tesla Right Now

Let's check the charts of this electric vehicle maker to see why traders should swerve away from the long side of the stock.

Sorry Bulls, Tuesday's Post-CPI Price Action Didn't Look Bullish to Me

The major indexes giving up big chunks of their early gains was a clear indication that traders still view this as a bear market; plus, a quick look at how to trade Tesla.

Fed Day, CPI, Charting Tuesday, Recession Timing, Tesla Selloff, Defense Stocks

If Powell and company are thinking of pausing anytime soon, here's the signal that will have to be sent.

Now Is Not the Time to Take Rivian for a Ride

Shares of the EV company continue to go downhill and the brakes are not fully engaged.

Tesla's Hitting a Big Speedbump

As we look at Tesla China, we can only come to one conclusion: Estimates for deliveries will have to be reduced.

Will Thai Stocks Be Southeast Asia's Stars Next Year?

A solid consumer market and a strengthening economy suggest solid Thailand is set to outperform in 2023.

2 Really Small Graphite Plays That Could Prosper in a Big Way in an EV World

Graphite is an essential component of electric vehicle batteries and these two micro-cap stocks are maneuvering to satisfy demand for it.