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Why Investing in Tesla Is a Bit Like Texas Hold 'Em Poker

I'm essentially out of anything meaningful here. I'm not equipped for the players at the table now.

Market Momentum Moves Ahead

Apple paves the way as pessimists were expecting a reversal that isn't happening.

Here's Why I'm Still Riding Workhorse

This is a very speculative, small trade as it either hits for a home run or strikes out.

Elon Musk Is the Money Man

My feeling is that TSLA can be traded from either side at these levels, but right now I'm trying to sit on my hands.

How Do Apple and Tesla Look After Their Stock Splits?

Let's take a post-split view of both stocks.

Workhorse Group's Green Solution Is Already in Play

Rather than buying the stock, I like the idea of a wide, longer-dated call spread.

Watch What Hyundai Is Doing in the EV Market

Their upside may mean more limits to the upside of other players in the market.

These 2 Stocks Can Double From Their Current Prices

Both Net Element and Spartan Energy are related to the EV market.

There's an Opportunity With Tortoise Acquisition Now

Hyliion via SHLL appears to be the more attractive risk versus reward.

Here's What We're Seeing in the Electrical Vehicle Space

It's probably time to start paying more attention to Nikola. And watch Tortoise Acquisition and Spartan Energy.