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Riveted by Rivian? Here's My Take on the Stock

There's been increased investor interest in the EV maker the last two months. What are 'the odds' I like it?

Tesla Is Rocking and Rolling, and We're Cruising to a Trade

Over the weekend, the firm informed us that it had produced and delivered record numbers of vehicles during the second quarter.

Tesla's Likely Running Hot on Low Batteries

After racing ahead this summer, Tesla is now at risk of hitting a speed bump.

The Strength of Ford's Stock Proves Me Wrong

Here's what traders could do now.

This Value Investor Lets a Mouse in His House After Pulling the Plug on Tesla

Walt Disney finally proves enticing enough as a value play after the entertainment giant's stock approaches its pandemic low.

Why Has Ford's Stock Failed to Reach Breakout Velocity?

Let's dig into the charts and indicators.

Tesla Proves Electric Engines Can Run Hot, Too

After getting into TSLA at $157, I'm now off the exit ramp -- after a 66% runup.

Forget That Downgrade, Tesla Remains in an Uptrend and Close to a Golden Cross

The market is made up of many opinions. The key is to judge these opinions in the light of the market action.

Strike Two for Market? Housing Starts, Treasury Yields, Trading Tesla, Raytheon

Chinese stimulus put some pressure on the yuan, which strengthened the US dollar. This helped draw capital into US Treasuries.

A Hotter World Should Light a Fire Under These Stocks

As climate change creates a more volatile world with extreme storms and shifts in temperatures, these companies could benefit.