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Traders Should Be Careful With DiamondPeak Holdings

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Nikola Might Be a Lottery Ticket, and Most Lottery Tickets Lose

I cannot invest in the name. Now, trading is different. If one were to try a swing trade or speculate, I am not getting in the way.

Let's Give NIO Time and Consider Using That as a Potential Advantage

Momentum and trend are key with this type of stock, so it is essential we see that continue.

I Wouldn't Back Up the Truck for Nikola Stock Right Now

While I like getting involved in volatility, I don't see any edge here, only the potential to see things go ... rolling down hill.

Jim Cramer: Is This Market Undervalued?

Stocks are reasonable. Or even cheap. There will be more sell-offs ahead but remember this day and do not get too negative.

This Is Great Action for Stock Pickers Right Now

Stick to themes like biotechnology, SPACs, EV batteries, and others.

I'm Ready to Unlock a Trade in Li Auto

While implied volatility looks like a bumpy ride ahead for LI, here's how I would approach this new Chinese name in the electric vehicle industry.

The Truck Stops Here: Why I'd Steer Clear of Nikola, GM

A new report, plus some odd Twitter behavior by the electric vehicle company's CEO, would have me backing away from the both auto names for now.

An Options Play on the GM/Nikola Partnership

This Nikola tie-up could signal the start of a renaissance for GM.

Let's Unlock a Tesla Play

Whether or not TSLA is the key to this market, I see a tug-of-war in the company's shares that can be used to your advantage with this technique.