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How to Trade the Soaring Shares of Tesla Now

Here's what traders with big gains might consider.

Lucid Group Is an Investment, Not a Trade, and Will Seriously Challenge Tesla

Lucid is probably technologically superior to Tesla, with smaller, more efficient, more powerful battery packs with a greater range.

Give Elon Musk Credit Where Credit Is Due, but the Hertz Deal?

It boggles my mind that Musk wouldn't politely rebuff Hertz's Mark Fields and say, "No thanks, but our retail customers love our product..."

Shark Bites: A SPAC Play on Solid-State Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Ford and BMW led another funding round of $130 million in 2021, while SK Innovation of South Korea has announced it is investing $30 million.

Here's Why Investors Are Likely to See Ford's Stock Price Double

I've been on the Ford bandwagon since the shares were trading in the $7's in 2020.

The 25 Best Buys in Clean Energy

These renewable energy favorites include nuclear, hydrogen, wind, and solar stocks, among others.

Tesla Stock Is Knocking on a Large, Round Number

Let's see if this is the time to step on the accelerator.

Ford Stock Could Make an Electrifying Move Higher

Americans love a comeback story.

Geodrill and Vicinity Motor Really Grabbed My Attention at LD Micro

Geodrill drills for gold and minerals, while Vicinity Motor has EV busses.

ETFs Crowd Into Chinese Electric-Car Space

An ETF should be the sensible way to access the supercharged growth potential of alternative vehicles, with China by far the most-promising market.