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Electric Vehicles

Shark Bites: An Attractive Chart Ready for Thanksgiving Speculation

Given the surge in interest in electric vehicles, demand for lithium produced in the U.S. will be substantial.

All Charged Up: Nikola Tries the Upside Again

The shares have rallied in recent days and have almost doubled from November lows.

Electrameccanica Is Giving Me the 'Butterflies'

Here's a butterfly approach to playing SOLO, as dilution is likely on the way following the $200 million offering.

Are Electric Vehicle Trades Shorting Out?

Say watt? You want to chase EV stocks? How about shorting them? Let's see which is the crazier move.

Figuring Out the EV Market Is Still a Guessing Game

A good way to think about entering that market here is with a poker analogy.

Clean Up Your Act With This Dividend Stock

The better-living 'dividend derby' is on, and here's how several names stack up.

Do You Really Want to Play Chicken With Tesla?

If you want to short Tesla, know it's a tough game.

Try Guessing Market Expectations as NIO Reports Tuesday

I'm looking for a sell-the-news no matter how good, but I don't want to risk a ton of capital here.

EVs Are Now a Dangerous Space to Trade, Long or Short

Tesla bulls should actually be happy despite the stock not moving.

Tesla Charged Up This Battery Name, Now Let's Plug in the Numbers

As Piedmont Lithium sparks, here's a trade idea. But play with care -- so you don't get shocked.