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NIO Is Still Weakening, So Be Prepared to Act

NIO is showing weakness in the charts, so get ready to sell or have a sell stop in place.

Tesla in India? Not a Chance

And listen to what Cathie Wood of ARK Investments had to say about TSLA and ride sharing.

Despite Bitcoin Futures Touching $51,000, Tesla's Charts Are Weakening

Just as TSLA's strength lifted the S&P 500, its weakness can cut in the other direction.

Will Churchill Capital IV Cut a Deal With Lucid Motors?

Buying the SPAC CCIV comes with plenty of downside risk and a lot of unknowns.

This Tortoise Trade Can Win the Race, but You Need to Be Patient

When it comes to SPACs with an agreement in place this is what I look for.when taking a shot.

Green Investing Favorites: 15 Wind, Solar, EVs and a Smart Grid Stock Plays

Experts pick their favorites in alternative energy from wind power to solar power to electric vehicles and the smart grid.

Hop on GM -- It's Electrifying

Here's a play in the American automaker as it pushes further into electric vehicles.

Is NIO Running Out of Juice?

This EV name's charts and indicators are making me nervous.

Gas Producer Linde Seems Poised to Float Higher, So Look to Buy a Dip

The shares could move to new highs provided the broader market doesn't start heading lower.

GreenPower Motor May Decline in the Weeks Ahead

Be cautious of the long side of GP.