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Stay Emotionless, Dear Trader, but Try to Profit From the Emotions of Others

Let's use Tesla as an example of how to play a stock that is driven by emotions more than logic.

Tesla Weighs on the Market, but Dip Buyers Are the Key to Its Overall Health

Dip buyers keep squeezing shorts and are preventing downside momentum from building, though that situation could change.

Rivian Shows 'Green Shoots' in Its Price Action

Bottoming action in the EV maker's shares offers a glimmer of promise.

Tesla Price Cuts, Debt Ceiling, Market Snoozefest, Oblivious Fed

The four largest U.S. lenders have in aggregate written off $3.4B in bad consumer loans through the first three months of the year, up 73% from a year ago.

Let's Hope Latest Inflation Data and Bank Earnings End This Directionless Market

It isn't much fun trying to trade in a market that moves in a small range on minuscule volume.

Tesla Tightens China Ties as Beijing's Wargames Around Taiwan Conclude

The U.S. Navy ran a warship close to Mischief Reef as the People's Liberation Army wraps up three days of a simulated blockade/attack on Taiwan.

Where Is Tesla Headed From Here?

Are we seeing the start of a correction to the downside or is it a dip to buy?

In March Madness and Investing, the Top Seeds Aren't Always the Best Bet

As this year's NCAA tournament shows, the most popular picks may not be the best ones as upstarts can come along to outshine them at any given moment.

EV Charging Station Provider EVgo Could Charge Higher After Favorable Results

The charts of the operator of electric vehicle charging networks indicate the next move for its stock likely will be upward.

Battery Maker Enovix Could Soon Be Charged Up to Rally Further

The stock has been impressive but gains from here may be harder to achieve.