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Speculative Piedmont Lithium Is Not for the Faint of Heart

PLL traded sideways to lower until early September when traders may have gotten a hint the company was going to strike a deal with Tesla.

Ford's New CEO Must Now Reckon the Number of the Beast

Jim Farley must walk a fine line of adapting to new realities, maintaining Ford's fortress balance sheet, and keeping the family happy. Here's my take on the name.

There Continues to Be Some Pockets of Good Stock Picking

You need to be selective and manage positions carefully.

Here's the Strategy I'm Using for a Tesla Trade

I'm not looking to hold a trade until TSLA earnings in late October, I'm only looking out a week.

Nikola Drama Drags Other SPAC Names Downhill, Too

The popularity of special purpose acquisition companies has gotten the attention of the SEC, and now we have questions over FMCI's merger.

Look Out Tesla, Volkswagen and the Big Boys Are Coming for You

VW's ID.4 introduction and the strong sales performance of the ID.3 in Norway show 'other automakers' are starting to figure out the BEV game themselves.

I Don't Like What I'm Seeing

We've entered no man's land as we head toward the downhill slope of the week.

Jim Cramer: Tesla, Nike, and a Tale of Expectations

What would I do with the stocks? NKE is a terrific story, and TSLA's run into Battery Day has to be burned off, and it will.

Jim Cramer: Short Sellers Can Be Your Investing Safety Belt

Just as Hindenburg raised key questions about Nikola, short sellers can help you think about your own stocks -- and whether you're getting taken for a ride.

Nikola's Gains Since April Could Be in Jeopardy

The charts and indicators of NKLA look bearish.