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Geodrill and Vicinity Motor Really Grabbed My Attention at LD Micro

Geodrill drills for gold and minerals, while Vicinity Motor has EV busses.

ETFs Crowd Into Chinese Electric-Car Space

An ETF should be the sensible way to access the supercharged growth potential of alternative vehicles, with China by far the most-promising market.

Here's How We'd Play Tesla Stock Now

An updated technical strategy for shares of Tesla.

I'd Be Real Careful About Shorting Any Tesla Shares at This Level

Anything I do in TSLA this month is going to be in the options markets.

What Gear Is Ford In? A Subscriber Asks for Direction

Let's check out the charts and indicators.

ELMS Goes the Extra Mile, but Its Chart Isn't Going Anywhere

Electric Last Mile Solutions hasn't got a great technical picture, but that's not the whole story.

Ford's Battery Plan Could Drain EV Startups

Let's look at how to trade F on news it's charging ahead with $11.4 billion investment.

Ford's Massive Electric Vehicle Plans Put Its Stock Definitely in My Future

The automaker intends to make an even-bigger investment in EV production than outlined just a few months back.

Standard Lithium Could Power Its Way to New Heights

However, the lithium play is speculative, so traders would do well to recognize the risk before acting.

Jim Cramer Puts His Foot Down Again on NIO

Let's review the charts and indices.