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T. Rowe Price: Kids, Parents Disconnected on Paying for College

Kids expect parents to cover their college costs, but parents might not be able to meet those expectations.

Staples Isn’t Sweating Amazon This Back To School Shopping Season

Amazon who? At least that seems to be the stance of office supplies giant Staples.

More Millennials Profiting From Impact Investing

More and more millennials not only want to make a return on their investments, but an environmental or social impact too, said Jackie VanderBrug, senior vice president at U.S. Trust.

China Online Education Group Debuts on NYSE Amid Quiet IPO Market

China Online Education Group debuted as a public company on the New York Stock Exchange Friday, priced at $19 a share.

We Put the National Spelling Bee Champs to Our Own Spelling Test

The Scripps National Spelling Bee winners visited the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday and TheStreet offered its own spelling test for the Nihar Janga and Jairam Hathwar.

Revenue Growth Proving Skeptics Wrong Says 2U CEO

Shares of online education provider 2U Inc. sank last fall after an investing newsletter questioned its pipeline, valuation and business model.

Four Magnificent Mid-Cap Growth Stocks for Your Portfolio

Shares of Epiq Systems are up 14 percent year-to-date and will likely head even higher now that the legal software provider has started to address its governance issues.

These States Are Doing a Terrible Job Teaching Personal Finance in Schools

There's a financial literacy crisis in America, as most states aren't teaching students about money in school.

There’s a Huge Financial Literacy Crisis in America and Here’s How to Fix It

Far too many Americans are in the dark when it comes to how best to manage their finances.

Almost All Americans Believe Personal Finance Should Be Taught in Schools

Almost everyone in America can agree on one thing: schools should be teaching kids about money.