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Cherie Blair: U.S. Presidential Campaign Not Just About Women Running, But Winning

Cherie Blair, Founder of Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, says women running for President of the United States are only part of the success of breaking through the glass ceiling.

'Open Learning' Is Key to Classroom of Future Says McGraw-Hill Education CEO

Digital cash revenue at McGraw-Hill Education topped print in the higher education business for the first time ever last year and that trend will likely continue.

Study Hard and You'll Become Financially Literate? Not So Fast

Investors are swamped with offerings from businesses that sponsor financial literacy websites and lectures, but is the public actually learning anything?

Jack and Suzy Welch Offer Business, Leadership Lessons in 'Real-Life MBA'

Corporate leaders need to let employees know exactly where they stand, said Jack Welch, former CEO of GE and the co-author of 'The Real-Life MBA' along with Suzy Welch.

Jack Welch Backs Immelt, Likes Ted Cruz and Weighs In On Hillary

The 'game has changed' and GE CEO Jeff Immelt is adapting the company to meet those changes, said Jack Welch, former GE CEO and co-author of 'The Real-Life MBA’.

Top Reasons Why You Are Getting Less of a Federal and State Tax Refund This Year

Your tax refund can change from year to year for a variety of reasons.

How Bad Are Americans When It Comes to Financial Literacy?

The results are in, and survey upon survey proves that Americans suffer from a painful lack of financial literacy.

Teenagers to Shell Out Over $300 on Asking a Date to Prom Night

Going to the prom doesn’t come cheap.

Make Money and a Difference: Career Advice for Millennials in the Workforce

If you aren't a Millennial yourself, chances are you work with one. The American workforce currently includes 55 million employees under the age of 35.

Obama Aims to Clamp Down on Federal Student Loan Servicers

President Barack Obama is aiming to clamp down on the private companies that service federal student debt with a presidential memorandum he will issue on Tuesday.