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Women's History Month: Meet the Witch Of Wall Street

During this Women's History Month, we are focusing on Wall St. and the women that have made their mark throughout history. Today meet the Witch of Wall Street, who also happened to be the richest woman in America back in the 1800s.

5 Things to Know About Wall Street's Fearless Girl

#AlphaRising's favorite #FearlessGirl was installed down near Wall Street on March 7, 2017. So a year later, we think you should get to know her better because we would like her to stick around for a long, long time!

International Women's Day: Meet Ayah Bdeir and Watch Her Take on Legos

On this International Women's Day, meet Ayah Bdeir. Born in Beirut, she is the founder & CEO of littleBits. Her company's electronic building blocks are quickly going to replace your kids' Legos and make them love learning. And that's exactly she epitomizes #AlphaRising.

Wall Street Women In History: Meet the First Female Stockbroker (Video)

During this Women's History Month, we are focusing on the NYSE on Wall St. and the women that have made their mark on the exchanges throughout history. Today meet the first female stockbroker. Watch our video to learn about her now!

Podcast: What Retirees Should Know about Series I Saving Bonds

Listen to this podcast with a Boston professor and co-author for Risk Less and Prosper, Investments and Essentials of Investments

Black History Month on Wall Street

This Black History month, we are taking a look at the African Americans who have made it to the C-Suite and are making a difference. And sadly, there are not many. Watch our video to learn the names you should know now.

Malala Empowers the Crowd at Davos and Forms Alliance With Apple

Nobel peace laureate Malala Yousafzai addressed the #MeToo movement at the World Economic Forum and is partnering with Apple to educate young girls.

'Nobody Is Afraid of Anything Right Now' -- Rick Rule

Gold is unlikely to rise further at a time when sentiment in risk assets is bullish.

Deloitte Goes All-In on Inclusion

Deepa Purushothaman, managing principal at Deloitte, spoke with #AlphaRising about the firm's efforts to create a diverse, inclusive working environment so they can better serve their clients and retain their current talent.

Video Exclusive: Inside Jim Cramer's Action Alerts Plus Club for Investors

Jim's VIP club for investor features a private monthly conference call for members, a rundown of which stocks he owns in his charitable trust and an exclusive e-mail alert before the trust makes any trade. Here's a preview.