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What Can We Learn From Chegg's Charts?

Let's open the books and look inside.

I'm Going Public -- With My Favorite 'IPO' of the Year

Roblox was a 'metaverse'-style company before the word was cool. Here's why I'm hot on this name.

Investors Are Getting Schooled by Chegg, So Let's Study the Charts

We did our homework on this one in February and now we're learning a hard lesson about what's next.

Visit Grand Canyon to Book Nice Profits

Grand Canyon Education is a great "left to right" stock with a low valuation.

Lessons of the 'Dividend Derby'

Let's look at how increases to a quarterly dividend payment should be scrutinized by investors as we compare the moves in three companies.

This Dividend Stock's a Textbook Example of a Solid Investment

Publisher John Wiley & Sons is a small cap gem, yielding 4%.

When Looking at Moving Average Lines, Direction Is Critical

A moving average represents the average price someone has paid to own a security or other asset over a period of time, and here's what it can tell us.

Overbought on the Way

The expected overbought reading will likely be either a pullback or sideways digestion, but not a collapse.

5 Cool Facts About the Dollar Bill - Happy National Dollar Day

Check out these hidden messages in your wallet.

Jim Cramer Has 2 Tips for the Graduating Class of 2018

Jim Cramer recently sent Bucknell University's graduating class off with their diplomas and some crucial advice.