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When Looking at Moving Average Lines, Direction Is Critical

A moving average represents the average price someone has paid to own a security or other asset over a period of time, and here's what it can tell us.

Overbought on the Way

The expected overbought reading will likely be either a pullback or sideways digestion, but not a collapse.

5 Cool Facts About the Dollar Bill - Happy National Dollar Day

Check out these hidden messages in your wallet.

Jim Cramer Has 2 Tips for the Graduating Class of 2018

Jim Cramer recently sent Bucknell University's graduating class off with their diplomas and some crucial advice.

Push Off Social Security Until Age 70

If you can push of taking those Social Security payments until you hit 70, you actually will be better off financially for a number of reasons. Robert Powell, editor of Retirement Daily, tells us what there are here so watch now!

Women's History Month: Meet the Witch Of Wall Street

During this Women's History Month, we are focusing on Wall St. and the women that have made their mark throughout history. Today meet the Witch of Wall Street, who also happened to be the richest woman in America back in the 1800s.

5 Things to Know About Wall Street's Fearless Girl

#AlphaRising's favorite #FearlessGirl was installed down near Wall Street on March 7, 2017. So a year later, we think you should get to know her better because we would like her to stick around for a long, long time!

International Women's Day: Meet Ayah Bdeir and Watch Her Take on Legos

On this International Women's Day, meet Ayah Bdeir. Born in Beirut, she is the founder & CEO of littleBits. Her company's electronic building blocks are quickly going to replace your kids' Legos and make them love learning. And that's exactly she epitomizes #AlphaRising.

Wall Street Women In History: Meet the First Female Stockbroker (Video)

During this Women's History Month, we are focusing on the NYSE on Wall St. and the women that have made their mark on the exchanges throughout history. Today meet the first female stockbroker. Watch our video to learn about her now!

Podcast: What Retirees Should Know about Series I Saving Bonds

Listen to this podcast with a Boston professor and co-author for Risk Less and Prosper, Investments and Essentials of Investments