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Russian Warship Lurking, Again, Off the East Coast

The Vicktor Lenov is back in U.S. waters.

The Cost of Houses in Top-10 Trendiest Cities

The cost of homes is often higher in more popular cities where the demand can outstrip the amount of affordable homes.

Delta CFO: 'Revenue Not Picking Up Fast Enough' To Combat Fuel Prices

Fuel costs are up around $20 a barrel vs. a year ago.

You'll Never Believe Some of the Excuses People use for Calling Out Sick

Folks can think of creative and outlandish reason to call out of work. A 2015 survey from Career Builder compiled a list.

Nintendo Switch Reviews: Inside the Video Game You Wish You Had

Nintendo unveils its brand-new gaming system and TheStreet has the inside scoop.

Ferrari's Last 12-Cylinder Model

Ferrari's 812 Could Be Automaker's Last Middle-Finger Salute at Global Warming Hardliners

15 Remakes and Sequels Coming to the Silver Screen in 2017

Hollywood's lack of originality shines through with 15 remakes and sequels this year.

Is J.C. Penney Closing Over 100 Stores Really Unexpected?

Blame online shopping as the culprit.

Meet the Richest Heirs to the Walmart Fortune

The heirs to the Walmart fortune are in the top twenty richest people in the world.

Apple Employees Will Begin Working in a Giant Spaceship Soon

Apple's massive new headquarters, nicknamed the spaceship will be the center of future innovation. The campus will house more than 13,000 Apple employees and is more than a mile around.