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10 of the World's Best Beaches! TripAdvisor Reveals 2018 Winners

Tired of the snow? Watch this video for a mental escape and a peak at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Cryptocurrency Expert Dennis Gartman Goes from Bearish to Neutral on Bitcoin

Dennis Gartman, editor of the Gartman Letter, told Kitco News that the digital currency's support level around $6,000 a coin has been "impressive," and while he was bearish on bitcoin at higher prices, he has now shifted his stance to neutral at today's prices.

'Shark Tank' Backed Honeyfund CEO Reveals Lessons Learned from Kevin O'Leary

Honeyfund CEO Sara Margulis appeared on the hit TV show Shark Tank back in 2014 and scored an investment by Kevin O'Leary.

Cramer vs. Chaikin: 'Tesla - Own the Car, Sell the Stock' Says Marc Chaikin

'Let's talk about Tesla', says TheStreet's Jim Cramer. The response from Marc Chaikin of Chaikin Analytics: 'You Really Want to Know?' Watch the video for more.

Trading Strategies: How to Fall in Love With Your Portfolio this February

The expert panelists of our monthly Trading Strategies roundtable share the actionable investing advice you need to fall in love with your portfolio this February.

6 Times Taco Bell Gave us Midnight Munchies

Fast food chain Taco Bell introduces Nacho Fries for just a dollar! Watch the video to see the fast food chains most memorable menu items.

Malala Empowers the Crowd at Davos and Forms Alliance With Apple

Nobel peace laureate Malala Yousafzai addressed the #MeToo movement at the World Economic Forum and is partnering with Apple to educate young girls.

Video: Analyzing the Stock Charts for Sears, Khol's, Macy's and JC Penney

Retail stocks have been rising so far this year - many of them even out performing the S&P 500- except for one: Sears Holdings.

What the Future Holds for Wendy's

Shares of Wendy's have been on fire the past year as the burger giant upgrades its restaurants and improves its food quality. Here's what Wendy's CEO Todd Penegor told us about the future of the company, and industry at large.

Video: How to Play Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies in 2018

Our January monthly Trading Strategies roundtable of experts was filled with tons of valuable investing insights. Listen in here for their thoughts on everything from Bitcoin, Dow 30,000 and how last year's natural disasters will affect the auto industry.