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Turn the Page, Unknowns Galore, Hunkering Down, Santa Cameo, Can Coke Pop?

The ongoing inversion of Treasury yield spreads leads this observer to prepare for a recession that could become evident early next year.

Santa Meets a Downtrend, Week Ahead, China Loosens Further, Let's Eat Out!

Since 1950, the traditional 'Santa Claus rally' period has produced positive results about 78% of the time.

Doug Kass: What If David Tepper Is Wrong?

The hedge fund manager may have projected 'group stink' and too much 'first-level thinking.'

'Don't Fight the Fed' Is Simple, But Prudent Advice

David Tepper may be repackaging that old adage, but it continues to bear heeding.

GDP Surprise, Tepper Tantrum, Semis Smackdown, Hypersonic Weapons Boost

Plus, an ode to Santa, a look at Thursday's spike in trading volume and Alphabet's big Sunday Ticket deal with the NFL.

Key Economic News Will Impact Santa's Stock Market Generosity

Durable goods orders and personal income are on tap, but the star of the data show will be the latest Personal Consumption Expenditures numbers.

Happy Birthday to My HOAX Portfolio and Its Eye-Popping 51% Return

It's been quite a year and yes, I believe 2023 will be a lot like 2022.

Here's How the Housing Market Is Different This Time

Lax lending standards largely were to blame for the last housing bubble; this time, speculation in the short-term rental market could be the culprit.

Good News: Strategists Are Rolling Out Very Gloomy Forecasts for 2023

Here's why that should cheer traders rather than depress them.

Santa on His Way? S&P and Nasdaq Moves, Window of Opportunity, CAT Breaks Out

Wednesday was a 'no-doubter' with the baseball landing more than a few rows back in the upper deck.