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Overhyped Overbought, Yield Inversion, Fed Forecast, Oil, Biden and Windfalls

The tradable bottom of October 13 stands firm for now. At least until Jay and the gang re-emerge from their caves.

It's Halloween and the Market Is Lifeless

Once again, the price action makes it quite clear that we're in a bear market.

All Is Not 'Peachy' at Ford and There's No Reason for Traders to Chase It

Here's when the shares could be purchased slowly.

Value Stocks Are Winning Out Over Growth Stocks

This trend has been in place throughout most of 2022 as interest rates have ticked sharply higher.

Stagnant Economy, Week That Was, Fed Slowdown? Earnings, 2 Notes of Caution

This week will see more earnings, the FOMC policy decision on Wednesday, and the October Employment survey data on Friday.

Doug Kass: Here's Why Easy Money Often Winds Up in Money Heaven

The Fed's zero interest rate policy led to poor capital allocation policy and to poor investment decisions.

Market Does a Head Fake and the Fed Can't Be Happy About It

A big runup into the Fed decision is going to create a very dangerous technical setup for the bulls.

Apple Escapes the Tech Carnage: Here's What Traders Should Watch for Now

CEO Tim Cook, one of the best in the business, pulled 'it' off again.

Color Me Unimpressed With Q3 GDP

I'm not changing my pessimistic view on the economy or on equities as we head to the close of 2022.

ECB Tones It Down, GDP Intrique, Old-School Stocks Rule, Amazon in Depth

Amazon's latest results weren't bad, but its outlook is far from encouraging.