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We're Seeing Some Consolidation and Basing Action on Friday

The question now is whether the lows that were hit on Wednesday morning will serve as short-term support as we move into earnings season.

With So Much Disinformation, Can You Handle the Truth?

Janet and Jerome have never created a job. But that's who we worship these days. It's such nonsense.

3 Stocks You Should Consider Buying Now

As we end the trading week, I believe these names can still be bought here.

Doug Kass: Is China the Market's Black Swan?

China's economy is basically a debt-driven Ponzi scheme.

Is Jerome Powell's Renomination Now in Peril?

Plus, my take on Friday's jobs report and the steepening yield curve.

Whirlwind of Torment, Energy Prices, Trading Apple, Palantir, American Eagle

Safe haven? Where is safe haven when U.S. Treasuries aren't really an option? Investors are swarming into the U.S. dollar and not much else.

Interest Rates and Energy Prices Drive Further Corrective Action

There are two primary things to watch for during this selloff.

Japan's New Leader Promises Stimulus Spending and Tough Stance Abroad

With his popularity low, Japanese PM Fumio Kishida has called an early election to win a mandate, while pledging a 'new capitalism' to boost the middle class.

Is Inflation Really Going to Be a Problem? Not According to Gold and the Dollar

When the currency starts to lose buying power a move to hard currency like precious metals is a strong alternative.

Inflation Is Becoming Anything but Transitory, but Here's One Stock to Like

American Woodmark shares seem to be bottoming as the maker of cabinets and vanities puts through price increases of its own.