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Markets and the Fed Find Themselves in a Sticky Situation

Even as growth begins to slow, inflation is far from defeated.

The Market Focus Now Is on Macroeconomic Factors

We're left with some pretty dreary action in individual stocks.

Cautious Optimism? First Republic, Macroeconomics, Fed, Earnings, Week Ahead

The real news Monday morning is that JPMorgan is taking over First Republic Bank.

'70s Redux? I'm in Druckenmiller's Camp, But Not Ready to Accept a 'Lost Decade'

It is eerie how this economic and political environment seems more and more like a previous era.

I'm Not Giddy About Amazon Stock, But Is Now the Time to Invest?

The best thing this firm could do to improve its situation would be to aggressively accelerate its cost cutting program.

Meta and Intel Please Investors, but That Tepid GDP Estimate Is Worrisome

Though the market reacted well to results from the two tech giants, the first-quarter economic growth estimate isn't encouraging for what may lie ahead.

Amazon Reminds the Market That Economic Slowing Remains a Major Issue

The market forgot some of its economic concerns following reports from Microsoft and Meta Platforms, but the issue is back in focus on Friday morning.

The Credit Crunch Is Certain to Push the Economy Into Recession

The banking system is going to have to pull back on lending, especially on the regional level.

Will Microsoft and Artificial Intelligence Save the Market?

AI is going to benefit many companies in various ways, but it is not going to stop the economic cycle.

What's Really Going to Light a Fire Under This Market?

There's a lot to think about between T-bills, the debt ceiling, 0DTE VIX, geopolitical risks, the demise of the dollar and earnings, but are any worthy of a 'rant'?