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Oil Tanker Stocks Are Going Wild Thursday

I see upside in the common stocks of oil tanker shippers as we move into 2021.

Schlumberger Needs More Base Building to Turn Bullish

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Jim Cramer: Bring on the Vaccine, I'm Ready

The sooner that we get jabbed the more likely the economy can spring back to life.

What Will the Fed Do Now?

What the Fed really needs to do is ignore interest-rate tools and focus on their confidence tool.

Jim Cramer: Greed Will Determine the Next Leg of the Market

The tug of war starting in 2021 will be between the insiders who wish to preserve their wealth, and the outsiders who will want to do the same.

Jim Cramer: EXTRA! I Have the Young Investors Playlist Right Here!

The buyers may be young, but I think callow youth may have the edge over their cynical elders.

Housing Continues to Shine Even as New Lockdowns Go Into Effect

Demand for homes continues to outpace new listings, which gives a boost to home prices.

Covid Vaccine Distribution, Jobs, Stimulus Package, Brexit Terms, Investor Days

Most important come Inauguration Day is the seamless transition of leadership over 'Operation Warp Speed'.

What Is This Poor Payroll Report Telling Us?

I don't want to overreact to a single month, markets are looking past it, but carefully watch other indicators as well.

The Depressing Jobs Report Certainly Offers Some Short Ideas

Hedge your longs with shorts on companies whose business is quite literally drying up.