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It's a Gas, Gas, Gas: 3 Ways Investors Can Play Natural Gas

Two names look like they have more upside potential than a futures contract. Here's what I'd wait for.

What Mixed Results From Major Banks Mean for Investors

Let's analyze the results and comments from Goldman, Citi, Wells, JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley.

Doug Kass: How Did Bank Stock Investors Get So Clueless?

Banks stocks are still a 'full-on Monet.'

The Market Is Flipping Elon Musk the Bird

Also, play the companies that benefit from inflation, not Cathie's clowns, which are hurt by it.

I Like JPMorgan But Is Now the Time to Invest?

It's not everyday that one hears the CEO of a major money center bank come out and tell you that the future just might not be all that bright.

The Time for Inflation to Be Resolved Benignly Has Passed

The possibility of a recession in the quarters ahead cannot be dismissed.

Inflation, Fed's Brainard, Ruby Tuesday, Markets, Ukraine War, Defense Stocks

We're probably not that far off from another bear market rally. That said, trading this market is going to be like doing the booby trap course at Camp Lejeune at night.

Markets, Russia, China and the Fed

I am more concerned, for markets, about quantitative tightening than rate hikes.

I'm Not Totally Convinced That Buyers Can Keep Pushing the Action

The hope is that we are hitting peak inflation, but the overall technical picture remains difficult.

Technical Conditions Deteriorate Amid a Hot CPI Report

Nearly everyone agrees that the CPI reading will stay strong for quite a while.