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Moderna, Chinese Stocks and Tankers: More Bill Murray Market Wisdom

Earn your stripes in this market by listening to Carl Spackler, John Winger and Dr. Peter Venkman.

Dividend-Hungry Investors Can Look to These 2 Names as Economy Re-Opens

Dividend Aristocrats McDonald's and Cintas Corp. will continue to offer a solid payout as life reaches a new normal.

Tight Trading Ranges, China News, Amazon 'Prime Day'

A look at those stocks likely to lead in the short- and long-term, the headlines out of China and Hong Kong, and the import of fiscal stimulus.

Alphabet Could See Higher Prices but Let's Raise Stop Protection Just in Case

GOOGL has made an impressive recovery since the middle of March.

Am I Going to Buy TJX Cos. Shares Today? Of Course Not

But when one takes a deeper, more detailed look into what management has done to finesse this terrible situation, there is cause to come away impressed.

Hey Investors, Listen to Bill Murray, Not the 'Confederacy of Dunces'

This bizarre, up, up, up movement makes absolutely no sense.

When Will the Stock Market Care About the Economy?

The great challenge of the market isn't identifying the things that matter but timing when they do matter.

Lowe's Could Experience a Sideways Range Before Its Next Move to the Upside

LOW has made a rapid price recovery from the March low.

The Fed Has Our Backs, Trading Thoughts, 'Facebook Shops'

As State economies begin the slow process of reopening, the Fed is there to support market function. Facebook's latest e-commerce foray has investors cheering.

Trade First and Ask Questions Later

If we spend too much time trying to figure out exactly why the market is acting the way it is, we will probably miss out.