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Midterm Election Markets, S&P vs. Nasdaq, Uninverted? Seasonality, Disney on Tap

The S&P 500 has posted a positive return for the 12-month period after a midterm election 19 consecutive times. That's a pretty nice batting average.

There Is No Escaping the Scourge of Rising Interest Rates

Whether you are a consumer, an investor or a business chieftain, higher rates have made life much tougher than it was earlier in the year.

Here's the Inevitable Outcome From the Fed's Monetary Tightening

Jerome Powell is putting the central bank in a position that will trigger a huge amount of damage.

What the 'Confusing' October Jobs Report Means for the Fed and Markets

Jobs, in all likelihood, will be the LAST shoe to drop in any economic weakness.

Jobs Watch, Continuing Claims Climb, Nasdaq Key Levels, Defense Stocks Positive?

Keep a close eye on this key technical level as the Nasdaq Composite keeps losing ground.

Hong Kong Stocks Surge on Hopes of Audit, Covid Progress

Plus, the German chancellor was in Beijing, and an SEC audit team reportedly wrapped up on-site inspections of several Chinese companies.

If TINA Is Dead, So Is the Era of High-Flying Stocks

There are two ways for a market to work off froth: time and price.

AmerisourceBergen Is Likely to Correct Lower

Watch out for a key reversal.

There's a High Level of Uncertainty as We Await the Fed's Decision

The Fed's battle against inflation has a long way to go and will be a very bumpy ride.

AMD Is Tradable But Here's When I'll Really Jump on Board

I found nothing in the earnings that would provoke my exit, nor did I see anything that would provoke a rush to increase my stake.