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The Worms Turns, O Bank of Canada, Flattening Curve, Ford on Fire, Apple, Amazon

We had almost forgotten that sometimes Mr. Market can still land a ham-sized fist squarely upon that beaming smile of yours.

The Fed Has Never Faced a Scenario Like This

How will the central bank deal with decelerating, but still high inflation, especially if it coincides with decelerating, but still solid economic growth?

There's a Key Reason Why I Remain Wary on the Overall Market and Economy

Expect a 'Just in Case' inventory model to become a theme in coming months.

Market Obstacles, New Budget Plan, 3 Trading Questions, Earnings

We answer questions on UPS, Lockheed Martin and Nvidia.

Earnings So Far, Messy Inflation, Pricing Power, 5 Strong Stock Buys

Positive Mayhem? Let's look at the week that was.

China Faces Cold Winter With Coal Shortages, Power Cuts

The electricity crunch is likely to continue into next year in China, a largely self-induced crisis.

To Divine the Direction of the Markets, Let's Go to California

For some reason, the fortunes of the Nasdaq 100 and interest rates have become intertwined.

Nasdaq Streaks, Bitcoin Beast Mode, Fed Thoughts, Sloppy Auction, Tesla Earnings

I have had some real success playing volatile names ahead of news events from the short-side, but this is not something I would recommend for newer traders.

Algorithmic Control, Bearish Kass, Budget Framework, Trading Netflix, Microsoft

Plus, the Chinese government raised $4 billion in dollar bonds on Tuesday, borrowing on the cheap from the international community.

Kass: A Distillation of My Bearish Market View

Pessimism has taken a blow and has been costly over the last several trading days.