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Economy Stalling? Virus Spreads, Jobs Week, Watching Tesla: Market Recon

I will tell you this. Nobody I talk to is talking much about Q2 earnings. In fact, Q3 is not even the topic of conversation.

There's Doubt Now in Alpha Pro Tech Stock

But I like the opportunity for a speculative long as well as a nice balance against other positions that could drop if Covid increases.

Upwork Shares Are Breaking Out Higher Today

The initial target here is $16 with a secondary target of $17.50 on this breakout, with a time frame of a month or less.

I Don't See Any Real Fear or Worry About Trade Opportunities Disappearing

The market pullbacks are more positive than negative.

I May Be Short Stocks, But I'm Long Humanity

Planet Earth has had a hell of a first half. I just don't see it getting better in the second half.

The Ups and Downs of Chuck E. Cheese and the Restaurant Sector

As a whole, publicly traded restaurant names are doing better than I would have expected year-to-date.

Asia Faces $2.7 Trillion Bill From Covid-19

Several asian nations will experience significant economic damage from the coronavirus, according to forecasts by Standard & Poor's.

Jim Cramer: Memo to Texas - No Mask, No Success, Period

The one thing that's unforgivable is that there was something our leaders did know and didn't tell the truth about: that masks work.

Why I've Never Owned Berkshire Hathaway Stock

The key to portfolio management is reallocating assets and instead of doing that Berkshire seems to have done nothing.

Trading in MGM Resorts Has Been a Big Casino Since March

The volume data and the On-Balance-Volume line moves tell you that MGM has become a huge vehicle for short-term traders.