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Transportation Is Still Iffy With XPO Logistics

Here's what the overall picture shows.

Downside Momentum Continues to Build as Investors Capitulate

The big difference is that the Fed is not in a position to bail out the market this time.

Wild Week, Markets, Earnings, US Economy, Rivian Stock, Kohl's

The US may very well escape recession this year, putting it off until early next year. Other global economies may not be so lucky.

Marcos Set to Take Power Over Past and Future in the Philippines

Bongbong Marcos has operated almost exclusively through social media during his campaign, calling for 'unity' and glossing over his father's dictatorship.

Powell Speaks and the Market Finally Listens as He Praises Volcker

The current Fed Chair's admiration for the legendary Fed chief who wasn't afraid to jack up rates to tame inflation may have been caught a day late.

Index Road Kill, S&P 500 Has a Pulse, Sector Slaughter, Betting on CEOs

Plus, we take a revealing look at the movements in the yield curve and pop in on the dismal charts of Shopify and Peloton Interactive.

If You're Fearful of Stagflation, This Brand-New ETF Could Be for You

Launched just this week, the Merk Stagflation ETF is a fund-of-funds that focuses on four asset classes.

3 Key Fed Takeaways, the Rally, Deciphering Price Discovery, Less Than Convinced

Has the FOMC heeded Market Recon's advice? Probably not.

A Long, Potentially Pain-Filled Summer Lies Ahead

The impact of the war in Ukraine on food supplies and the effect of Fed rate hikes on the pace of the economy are big concerns moving forward.

Happy Fed Day, US Economy, Markets, Earnings, Trading Livent

These markets expect the Fed to take the FFR up 225 basis points by September and another 50 bps to make 275 in total by year's end.