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The Bear Market in Small-Caps, Growth Stocks, and Speculative Stocks Has Ended

The indices have not reflected the reality of this market for a long time, but it is looking much better for traders and stock pickers.

Indian Shares Crest to All-Time High

After a punishing June quarter in terms of disease, the Indian economy is likely to post record numbers with business activity back above pre-pandemic levels.

Sorry, Don't Ask Me for a Loan to Invest in NFTs

That's how toppy this market feels right now and I see bubbles everywhere.

Willful Blindness Has Defined the Investing World

This idol worship and top heaviness in the market has the effect of crowding out real innovation.

Jim Cramer: Why Hasn't the Government Pushed for Mass Vaccination?

Incompetence, omissions and even outright lies have categorized this federal attempt to 'stem' the pandemic.

Jim Cramer: This Rally Is Squarely on Pfizer's Comirnaty

This COVID-19 vaccine is the potential savior of more than just the market.

Jim Cramer: Inflation Bears Could Be Growling Up the Wrong Tree

There are multiple reasons to believe that inflation won't be the rampant monster predicted by doomsayers in the media.

Henri, Fiscal and Monetary Uncertainty, Vaccine Update, Trading Nvidia and AMD

Investors come into this week with 'all eyes' on the Kansas City Fed's economic symposium come week's end.

Add Exposure to Brazil in Your Portfolio

Brazil is incredibly blessed with natural resources and uniquely blessed with a central bank that wants to quench the fire of inflation, not stoke it.

How Will a 'Broken Presidency' Affect the Economy and the Markets?

That's the question all investors should be asking themselves right now.