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Crypto, Election, Inflation and the Fed: There's a Lot for Investors to Decipher

Here's how I'd be playing things right now.

Investors May Have an Inflated View of Just How Much Inflation Is Easing

The rate of inflation may indeed be coming down, but it is likely to remain at elevated levels for quite some time, and so are interest rates.

A Bounce or a Bottom? Just Focus on the Next Few Weeks for Now

The more important question is how far this counter-trend bounce can go even if it isn't a bottom.

There's a Lot at Stake When Target Reports: Here's the Trade

My opinion is that TGT is going to be a safer volatility play, more than a directional play.

Don't Expect an 'All Clear' Signal for the Economy Anytime Soon

Inflation is likely to stay above the Fed's target throughout 2023 at the very least.

CPI Deep Dive, Inversion Aversion, Prices Run Wild, Technical Signs Perk Up

Plus, trading volume on the Big Board and Nasdaq got turned up to ear-deafening levels on Thursday.

Ralph Lauren Had a Spiffy Quarter: Here's When to Trade It

RL appears to be managing rising costs quite effectively, and the market seems to appreciate the guidance.

Midweek Blues, CPI Watch, Crypto No Deal, Follow the Curve, 3 Long Ideas

There was a cornucopia of reasons why investors fled risk assets on Wednesday for the perceived safety of cash.

These 2 Value Stocks Are Cheaper Than They Appear

I believe this divergence between the performance in growth and value stocks is likely to continue, at least until the Fed 'pivots'.

So Much for a Red Wave, Crypto Rescue, Weighing Obesity Drugs, US-Taiwan Talk

Plus, the Treasury yield spread moved in the wrong direction Tuesday, signaling possible economic hardship ahead.