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The Short-Term Price-Action Bulls Are Driving the Trading

Economics and fundamentals will drive the action in the longer term.

The Fed Is Playing With Fire: To Raise or Not to Raise?

Control, or at least the illusion of control, is everything to the central bank now.

Several Predictions About What to Expect in the Second Quarter

The most likely scenario playing out in Q2? Lower entry points will be available for the prudent and patient.

UBS Buys Credit Suisse, Regional Banks, Central Banks, Fed, Bonds, Week Ahead

What does the Fed do this Wednesday afternoon? Do they commit to keep on fighting inflation? Or do they try to prevent some kind of economic catastrophe?

Here's What to Do Now as Market Chaos Builds Due to the Banking Crisis

The Fed is being forced to help banks and put its battle against inflation on hold.

As FedEx Stock Pops, There's a Better Way to Play It Than Chasing

There's only one thing I really hate here.

It's Just Another Riveting Day in a Highly Volatile Market

As my late banker father liked to quip during these types of financial hiccups: 'There is never just one cockroach.'

Finally Changing Direction, Japanese Wages and Chinese Home Prices Move Higher

In signs of economic progress, two indicators that stubbornly have refused to budge are rising.

Algos Gone Wild, Credit Suisse, Macro Misses, Fed Funding, Trading Meta and AMD

Does the Fed end up fighting inflation? Or does it pour kerosene on the fire in order to prevent some kind of economic armageddon?

Facing the Banking Music, Fierce Rally, Hot Inflation, Volatility, SentinelOne

There are three ways to look at this volatility.